Former All Star Steve Francis…… What Happened Dude???

i remember him looking like this:


he wasn’t a “looker”,
but he was healthy at least.

found @ BSO

found @ french montana instagram

new diet?

i want no parts!
people are talking about him everywhere.
i guess he stole the show?

lowkey: this is how most people look after a life of hard partying and drug use.
let it not be anyone in my foxhole PLEASE!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Former All Star Steve Francis…… What Happened Dude???”

  1. OMG are you serious Steve Francis, I used to have a big crush on this dude back in the day, he was never no looker but it was something about him that was so sexy to me. I have heard rumors that he messed around, maybe living a double life was too much, this is def some type of drug addiction or kidney issue. I cant believe he is in his 30’s, aint no way.

  2. *dials 911* I’m about to die u guys lol. ROTFLMAO…….He looks like he’s had plastic surgery and it went wrong.

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