The Fox Swagg: “I Love My Wolf To Obey” Event

First of all:


I wanted to look as comfortable as possible.
Since I can’t buy anything new to update my wardrobe,
I went into my closet and tried to pull something together.
It was whatever, but it got good reviews.
This is what I came up…

(make sure if you are going to wear pants of this color,
they fit your body right.
They CANNOT be baggy or it will throw off the look)


I knew there would be a bunch of jean vests,
jean shorts,
stylish t-shirts,
Typical “new negro” shit.
I try to bring a little something different where I go these days.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “The Fox Swagg: “I Love My Wolf To Obey” Event”

  1. I love my pants to be a little loose, not tight or baggy. If I need to pick up something off the floor, I don’t want to be concerned about my pants splitting. LOL. Also, I like for my family jewels to have room to breathe and move as needed.

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