David Mcintosh and What Looks Like Embarrassment

tumblr_n8675zqbGq1qz7b12o1_500so model wolf,
david mcintosh and his snow bunny kelly brooks,
were spotted talking a nice walk.
well they were going to buy a bike.
david decided he wanted to be the center of attention with his outfit…

Um-NO-GIFshe looks like she wants to run
and fast.
burn that outfit immediately.
well keep the tank.
burn the poom poom shorts.
the tank would have went better with some jean shorts and kicks.
that whole outfit looks like you stole it from her closet.
not everything looks good when it matches as well.
at first i thought it was a baby doll dress.
he looks good however.




…maybe he should have just went naked?

model shot taken: justin violini

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “David Mcintosh and What Looks Like Embarrassment”

  1. or just the shorts with no shirt on the top with jean shorts…now he knows how to dress better then that lol…shit i dont care what he wears i’d gladly walk beside him holding his hand saying ‘this is my boo yall’ lol

    1. ^shit not me.
      he gonna have to change LOL
      that outfit is hideous.
      he could wear it in the house as his jammyz tho.
      they won’t be on to long…

  2. I’m turnt all the way on. I have never seen more beautiful legs and thighs. Y’all Foxes may not understand, but to a Wolf, those legs are the biz. The shorts are a no go, but I have to give him props on those legs man.

    You know they will ride up when he sits down right? You’ll see nothing but thigh. I see it now, me driving with my hand rubbing all over those joints. Only in my imagination this scenario exists.

  3. I dont like the print but I love the length. I wish more men werent afraid to wear REAL shorts. Especially when the body is on point…. Hmmmm think I might have wear my short shorts to this BBQ later….

  4. He likes showing off his body

    He has a tat on his thigh so he wants that to be seen.

    I like it

    He should continue doing him and not change for others

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