Trey Songz Wants Him To Eat A Dick (Y.A.S)

tumblr_n7pmy9fYiR1qbw767o1_500trey songz has been hanging out with september way too much.
“september” being august alsina’s ratchet side.
so trey songz is an artist who is “sen-sah-tave” about his shit!
some random on twitter decided to critique trey on one of his “songz” and well…

ruhrohztreygiphy-1i didn’t think he had it in him.
well i know one thing...
the trey songz stans,
ironically called “angels”,
are raggin and taggin the twitter offender in his mentions.
nothing better than a mention bombing to let you know your place in the world.
speaking of trey,
it looks like his album “trigga” will come in #1 next week.
he apparently sold 90-100,000 copies.
not bad.
not bad at all.
i got the review copy

tumblr_n7pjodExFx1qbw767o1_500but who knows?
i may feel nice and break songzbird off with my dollahs.
 i say he worked pretty hard for it.

( x go read twitter offenders mentions )

clap back tweet courtesy of trey songz: twitter

7 thoughts on “Trey Songz Wants Him To Eat A Dick (Y.A.S)

  1. His music now sucks. His debut was good just as Trey Day. His best commercial album was Ready. His best focused album was Passion, Pain & Pleasure. His music after that sucks.

    1. Passion, Pain and Pleasure was his best album in my opinion also. Don’t forget about Anticipation tho. Famous, Infidelity, More Than That, On Top, Make It Rain, Scratching Me Up and It Would Be You were the shit.

      I know I ain’t the only one who loves Good Feelings, Find A Place, BOMB, French Kiss, and Girl At Home from the Anticipation II. Good Feelings still stays on repeat. I ain’t ashamed lol.

  2. His music lacks passion and soul. I used to feel some type of way when I listened to this dude’s songs, but now…..I just feel sad for him. I’m keeping my money.

    Those predicted album sales are not good for a 29 year old artist who sold 240,000 in his first week just 4 years ago. His is declining rapidly as an artist and now I’ll just have to enjoy his old music.

    1. ^I couldn’t agree more. These artists nowadays are always bragging or trying to prove how much of a stud they are in the bedroom. Can we say WACK?!!
      If you have to put it out there like that…leads me to believe the skillz ain’t really there. LOL
      The sad part is that you have “veterans” of the music biz (mostly the males) falling into the same trap and putting out the same garbage music. Sit yo old ass down talking about tearing shit up in the bedroom. LOL

  3. Thank God for his pretty face, God knows where he souod get his meal from without that face’

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