August Alsina’s Outfit Is Interesting

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.00.36 PMaugust said he designed it himself.
i don’t know how i feel about the pants.
i feel like it throws it all off.
maybe its just me.
i do like the color of the shirt and trench.

picture credited: THEYBF

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “August Alsina’s Outfit Is Interesting”

  1. Ok, let me just say that August looks 🙄 a MESS! Shame on his significant other letting him walk out of the house like that. There is absolutely NOTHING sexy about that bullshit he has on!

    1. Lol!!!!! Ha-ha lol no look check it out before I read your comment I thought to myself this nigga looks like a cross between a pimp named slick back and the cartoon character on Bebe kids you know that lil girl with them skinny ass legs and them 90’s project ass tights that’s what he looks like.

    2. LMFAO! It’s Penny’s uncle Bobby! (i think that was his name)

      The Proud Family, omg, that was so good. LOL!

  2. Makes me want to throw up inside and outside my mouth. Yuck! At least he’s cute. Y’all think these tight outfits are cute. Dress like a man!

    I love Terrance J’s style tho. Always on point. He was looking good.

  3. Now Y’all know he claimed he was going blind in one eye so maybe he couldn’t see that he looks like a hot mess.

    1. Oh….. You are so wrong on many levels!!! I just with chu i’ma need you to get in the corner right now! Lol btw your comment had me hollering.

  4. looks like he couldn’t decide whether to cross dress or not because that pink shirt looks like a badly tailored dress that Iggy azalea let him borrow.

  5. If this dont look like some shit that Kim Parker and Freddy Fabulous designed on the Parkers when they were in design school. Though he didnt get a BET Award tonight, he most definitely got the Worst Dressed award. The fashion police need to issue a 1st degree Felony Indictment. Looking like a fem power bottom on Easter Sunday.

  6. The funny thing is that “straight” dudes who dress like this be the first ones to call a gay dude a f@g.
    If you hate gays that much then you better not have any piercings, nose-rings, colored hair, skinny jeans etc. because you are a walking contradiction within itself

  7. These guys are trying to give the kind of swag that Prince gave so many people back in the day and today. THEY CAN’T!!! cause now it looks just stupid (coming from someone who just barely has a hit or two). Prince can dress in a leotard and acid washed jeans with some flats b’cause he’s paid his dues and his trophy wall verifies that. These guys think cause they have a slight “hit” they can make a statement like a diva and put this bullshit on. #yawning

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