This Is A “Jamari” Right Here

87c763005582e9fa70e8adc209ec2fb3i was doing some fox swaggin on ( x my pinterest ) and came across this outfit.
this is all me.
from the scarf,
to the gloves,
to what i suspect is an ipad mini holder.
i can see it now…

i’m headed to wolf’s event.
he does something.
you know he a lowkey big deal.
i get out the all black navi in front of the venue.
there is a line.
a long one.
i walk to the bouncer and say my name at the door.
i’m already on the VIP list.
i walk in and greet a few people.
i know them.
we are acquainted through people who know people i know.
different events and stuff like that.
i don’t stay too long with them because they will talk my ear off.
plus they’re nosy.
i don’t “do” nosy.
i go through the main auditorium doors.
my seat is A7.
thats in the front row.
i walk down the aisle and people are looking.
i get a few head nods.
others just lookin’ because i look good as shit.
i get to my seat,
slide my coat and scarf off,
and sit down.
i know the people i’m sitting next to.
we catch up.wolf comes out to greet some people.
he sees me and does a slight head nod.

i return the favor.
whatever the show is about,
it is interesting once it starts.
i clap once it’s over.
i get up,
put my scarf and coat back on,
shake a few hands with the people who sat next to me,
and proceed back outside.
my car is waiting patiently at the front.
one of the vixens i know wants to take a selfie.
i meannn…
i guess.
i lower my scarf down and smile.
i ask her to see it.
looks good.
i give her a hug and she compliments me on my outfit.
i thank her and walk outside.
when i get in my car,
i text wolf and tell him the whatever the show was about was good.

“thanks baby.
cum through to the after party later.”

i respond that i will.
i won’t.
i got some stuff to do.
i’ll catch him when i do whatever it is i got to do.
not tonight tho.
we’ll reconnect soon.





day-dreamer-2god that makes me hot.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “This Is A “Jamari” Right Here”

  1. you will be there one day…can i just say how much i love that you dream and work hard to make those dreams come true. people, especially many within our culture, don’t dream anymore…you are an inspiration…this made me smile while reading this

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