The Down Low Animals (And The New Gays That Hate Them)


downlowwordlesi had this thought in the barber shop tonight.
i wanted to share it.
oh and it’s a little ratchet so yeah…

a majority of gays,
like vixens,
hate the “down low animal”.

“devil incarnate”
“you can’t trust them”
” cowards”

…but you still like fuckin them tho.
yeah you do.
why wouldn’t you?
they are usually masculine,
work out heavy in the gym,
and looking like a “george hill” designer imposter.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 9.38.52 PM

they can be ballers or stock brokers.
the “tumblr” guy you reblog.
the instagram account you stalk.
they are the fantasy basically.
so you end up fucking him and getting the bragging rights.

14but wait…
if you’re a new gay,
then we’re not finished.
new gay = someone who is just a complete doofus.
the new gay then proceeds to out him online.
you know,
he told you he was on the down low and you were confused and all.

calls and texts were not returned by the down low animal.
he pretty much got what he wanted.
the new gay didn’t realize he would be so fine and the sex would be ahhhhhh-mazing.
suddenly all down low men are assholes!
they need to be destroyed!
so the new gay goes anonymous on message boards.
put his dick pics and text messages on tumblr.
you even want everyone to how you topped him since he had a fat ass.

“we don’t believe you.
you need more people…”  jay z voice.

well you got the video evidence to prove it.
the one he didn’t know was on the nightstand under the teddy bear.
its always a method to the madness with the new gays.
i thought you hated down low men tho?

the problem with most gays is they are so focused on what they DON’T want.
lets be real that gay men are usually walking blow up dolls.
we are known for our “great head”.
so the energy we tend to give off is “come fuck me”.
we are trained to look at other men in the eyes to catch signs.
we are front row at every glory hole,
online hook up,
and sex party wondering why we attract men who just want to fuck.
we DON’T want this evil down low animal,
yet we keep meeting them everywhere.
of course we fall for it each time.
if the gays who despise that lifestyle would stop concerning themselves with it,
maybe they would meet someone who isn’t on the down low.
that would be a perfect world tho.
so the new gays still continue to to cosign these vixens when they are witch hunting.
still continue to stalking “straight” men in hopes they do get down.
still pretending to be vixens online just to get a dick pic to show the world.
i mean,
this is not a perfect world.

i never understood the hate towards down low animals.
well besides the obvious.
see life is not always a tyler perry movie.
not every animal out here on the down low is going around giving out hiv.
nor is he going to become a crackhead while being dark skin.
some of them are actually real chill.
they just come with rules that most don’t want to deal with.
maybe they’ve done it to others because they came off like queens?

tumblr_mju8362Dip1s8tktno1_400i dunno.
and by most,
i mean gay men who don’t want to deal with anything other than sex.
so like the smart person your parents raised you to be:

 don’t deal with them

…unless they out here passing out diseases like gift bags,
i never really had an issue with how someone chooses to live their life.
what you eat don’t make me shit.
i was never told to sneak in back doors,
walk 20 feet behind someone,
come over only at certain hours,
or treated like some sort of street walker in the night.
i was always treated with respect.
i give respect and i get it.
sure I’ve met a lot of dumb asses,
but never for the issues the other gays have.
well i also didn’t go fuck the married wolf in hopes he left his wife.
because you know that is always a brilliant idea.

lowkey: these vixens need to stop lookin for every down low animal as well.
they’re idea of down low is someone who is so fuckin’ OBVIOUS.
down low = not supposed to be able to tell ANYTHING.
you know,
they think they’re gaydar is ALWAYS fool proof.

when you walk in the bedroom with his legs in the air,
or his pelvis deep in some ass,



otherwise he is straight and you need to stop being a paranoid dumb ass.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “The Down Low Animals (And The New Gays That Hate Them)”

  1. I don’t hate d/l men. I think wanting to be d/l is understandable. No one else wears their sexuality on their sleeve so why should we? We all know that as soon as people know you’re gay, that’s all you’re seen as in their eyes. I’ve never hated d/l men. I’ve never dealt with one but if I did, I’d know what I was getting into. I’d never out them like a bitter ass queen would because I knew the deal from the get-go. I think most gays that out other men are those girly boys that couldn’t hide their gayness as a child because they were so fem and blatant about it. I know a Jamaican gay man whose mom left Jamaica for that very reason. He said his mom told him she could tell he was different as a child. Knowing her culture doesn’t play when it comes to homosexuality, she hightailed it out of there as soon as she could. Those fem boys have never known what it was like to be in the closet so they don’t respect anyone else privacy when it comes to how they get down in the bedroom.

    This is just a theory tho.

    1. ^and they stay scheming for one online.
      the main talk is how they hate down low men,
      but will be on jack’d looking for one to fuck them.
      they ain’t low.
      we see em above the hedges lol

      they don’t like the dl ways,
      they crave the dl penis/ass.

  2. There remains one foolproof way to ensure that one’s true nature but secret identify, as a brother who craves sex with other men, is never discovered…and it doesn’t involve nearly as many “contortions”…

  3. Ironically I’m out but i like d/l men because I’m a VERY private..i just know that when i mess with a D/L guy he’s going to be private and what i did to him in the bedroom won’t be online and etc..I’m not saying that i won’t deal with a guy that’s out but i don’t abhor d/l men they have their reasons…and ALSO NOT every d/l man is dating both men and women,,,some men are d/l but only sleep with other men so it really depends on the circumstances…and like you said jamari i was never the one treated badly and if anything i was always the one getting the numerous amounts of texts and phone calls…i was never really pressed over no dick. i mean i’ve had great sec before but not to the point where i’m outing someone..and if i chose to mess with someone knowing that they’re in a relationship or married i couldn’t get mad because he remained in the closet…people can’t get mad when they mess with a married guy and he hits and leaves…he’s married to his vixen and you were just a soft ass…that’s life however to the d/l brothas be smart and honestly d/l men aren’t really on the low like they think…many of our parents and close relatives know we’re gay before we even knew no one is really hiding at all..

  4. Jamari, you’re absolutely right. Whether and to what degree someone is “out” is an intensely personal decision–and typically fraught with pros and cons. If you don’t like the degree that someone who is or wants ot date or sex you is “out”, then leave him alone. Every time you write a posting like this, I think of Kerry Rhodes and the guy that outed him and you know the rest of the story. (Hint: Millions lost by Rhodes.)

  5. Sorry, but I feel this DL thing is mostly hype.

    Butch queens in fitteds and tank tops in the gym taking selfies while checking their jackd accounts want to call themselves DL these days.

    The definition of DownLow has always been a masculine man that has sex with men in secret while dating women as well, all the while fooling the world into believing he’s straight.

    The problem is since DL is associated with masculinity dudes like to claim they’re DL even though they’ve seen no parts of vagina since they’ve been ejected from one.

    Guys that sleep with men and are gay and have never or not currently messing with women are CLOSETED or discreet.

    The difference between DL and closeted is DL means people think you’re straight and you give the illusion you are, but when you’re closeted its very possible that closet is made of glass and the only person you’re fooling is yourself.

    Like I said you’d be really hard pressed to find a real DL man under 30. They are not on these sex sites unlocking their pictures for you all night and they are not on instagram liking suspect pics at 3 in the morning because if they did they wouldn’t be DL for long.

    1. Nah, it is not hype Jay, and this is based off of my experiences. There are a vast majority of men who are sleeping with women while they are having sexual relations, and these men are like regular dudes. I like to call myself a discreet bi dude since I do not have sex with men while I am involved with a woman. With that said tho, every man is not able to do that, which is where downlow comes in. I personally know men who are switch hitters. I have had plenty come at me, but I ain’t trying to entertain that shit.

  6. Well I’m out and married to a wonderful man. When I was single I don’t think I would have even THOUGHT about being with a D/L man. It’s too much trouble. I’d rather be with someone who is out. I respect that people want to have privacy and all. In my personal opinion, it’s way too much work. But whatev.

    1. It can be too much trouble for some, but people make more to it than what it is. Down-low men make their lives more drama filled because of their trifling ways. Then the ones who choose to sleep with them act as if they do not know what they were getting themselves into from the start.

  7. Yet another great post! I never understood the hate for DL men. I’m super discreet very close 2 DL. And that change only came because a queen decided he couldn’t keep our one night to himself (which I vaguely remember). He told a very close friend of mine and I had to admit

    1. Ke it does not matter how downlow and discreet you are, if you keep on associating with messy ass people, you will continue get a messy outcome, and that’s the truth. It starts by who you chose to surround yourself with.

      1. I agree Man. But there are so many that perpetrate. They pretend they one way and change like seasons after a while. Then get mad when I don’t with them. And because I’m not out in the lifestyle most the time I have no clue how messy they can be.

      2. That is why you have to wait and scope dudes out before you involve yourself with them sexually. If you have a lot to lose, you need to kick it with someone who has a lot to lose, if not more. The issue with that is, not every masculine man likes masculine men, they need something feminine in their lives, whether to complement them or to cease their insecurities. I want a masculine man who doesn’t mind giving me some good ass a few days a week without feeling emasculated, and will be devastated if he was outed.

  8. I do not believe down-low men are hated on by fems. I feel that fems like to expose down-low men as a revenge tactic to ruin their lives, that is it. However, fem dudes do not like that down-low men get to live their lives similarly to straight men, while they have to deal with hate and judgement by other people for being their true selves. It is like they develop resentment, which is totally different from hate and jealousy. The ones who complain about down-low men need to stop chasing them and let them live their lives, but they are not able to do that because of the aura the down-low man has is what they crave for and enjoy. He is the opposite of most feminine and out men, he can blend in with the straights, and not to mention the good sex. Some guys get off on the fact that women are jealous that they have pulled a manly man, and that other gay men want to be the man they have somehow pulled or want to be with him themselves.

    On the flip side, there are down-low men out there who want to be loved and in a committed relationship with another man, but their insecurities regarding their masculinity and paranoia tend to get in the way most of the time, and they are some other obstacles as well. Getting a down-low man to be comfortable with his sexuality is a full-time job. I am not up for it.

    S/N: The dude with du-rag in the last pic is right.

  9. I consider myself to be a famine guy, now with that being said i have an ISSUE with the DL man, and not because of the resins people think like ( the man )…famine guys being jealous of the masculine men because there able to hide there gayness better thats the funniest thing i heard all day….the issue i have with DL men and the issue women have with DL men is because they sleep with men and women mostly at the same time and there putting on a front and i for one cant stand fake ass ppl, its one thing to be discreet and private but when your DL thats just another story

    I respect and give fem guys a badge of honer because it take a real man to be himself no matter wut society may think of you thats a real man DL men are punk bitches hiding they need to man up and come out the closet

    1. Foxxy, you may be right about the character of DL men (That is, you are entitled to your opinion), but it’s not for you or anyone else to make the decision to out them. That’s their business–not yours. Again, whether and how much to be “out” is an intensely personal decision that people have the right to decide themselves using whatever factors they feel appropriate.

      1. I agree, and everyone is not fit to come out. Some men have a lot more to lose than others, and that is what people need to understand. Everyone’s lifestyle is different. What about musicians, athletes, CEO’s, and people who own businesses? If they come out they careers may change, they may lose opportunities, and not to mention their friends and other shit. My life now is a whole lot better than what it would be if I was out, trust me on that.

      2. Dean maybe im being misunderstood i dont agree with outing guys and all that….all im trying to say im not down with the DL b/s if you want to be seen as a man be a real man and be yourself proudly hold your head high grab ya balls and be yourself.

    2. WOW You clearly did not comprehend what I said. C’mon dude. I was saying that feminine men complain about the down-low man, but yet they find him irresistible because of the energy he gives off. He is the opposite of them, he can blend in with straight men, and he can give good sex. I shouldn’t have to break everything down like this for you to understand me, but people are so quick to get in their feelings to read. That happens a lot around here, I shouldn’t be too surprised right? SMH.

      1. My comment was in reference to this statement and i quote” I feel that fems like to expose down-low men as a revenge tactic to ruin their lives, that is it. However, fem dudes do not like that down-low men get to live their lives similarly to straight men, while they have to deal with hate and judgement by other people for being their true selves”…although you stated hate is totally different then resentment i disagree i feel its all the same if im resenting you for something im hating on you for something, and ill be honest there is feelings in this because your not the only “man” that feels fems hate on masc or in your words resent theres so many masc dudes i meet that feel the same way and i only believe they feel that way because they like to tell themselves that just like how you feel your life is so much better because your closeted/ discreet or w/e is that what youll tell your bf when he wants to get married, have children, live together and stop telling your friends your just roommates…..

        I just really feel the fems and the out and proud gays dont get enough credit when we do all the work for us to be treated as equal and all aspects of life if more CEOs, Actors, Athletes,Musicians came out and showed we could be just as good if not better we’d go so much father in life instead of trying to hide and conform to the strait way of life

      2. Well, I will not have a boyfriend who would want to get married, have kids etc. I want men like myself, but I am open to marriage, we will keep it on the low. We will have a private ceremony, just us and the justice of the peace. We will never come out unless we are exposed.

        Famous people cannot come out because they do not want to risk their careers. That shit is more important than being out and proud. Why can’t you get that dude?

  10. Why do men always have to be the ones to come out the closet and wave the rainbow flag? I don’t see anyone pressuring King Latifah or the other lesbians to come out the closet. As much as King has been outed, she is still in the closet and very successful within her career. People like to put pressure on men and completely ignore women. Oh because she is a woman she gets a pass? GTFOH! People don’t tell straight people to broadcast their sexuality. I am a happy DL man who is successful and living a good life. I don’t want to come out the closet and it’s no ones business if I choose to stay in it. Out and feminine people are always so ignorant because we have a different way of living out life. Just because a couple DL men were assholes, just like a couple black men are assholes, doesn’t mean the entire DL community is bad. I hate all this DL shaming in this thread.

    1. I agree with you JR. I think you are confusing downlow and discreet tho and that shit happens a lot. A closeted man like yourself is not down-low if he is only sleeping with men exclusively, that would make him discreet.That is what I am. I prefer both sexes, but I only date one gender at a time man. I don’t tell women that I like men because I don’t cheat. As long as I am with her, she has my undivided attention, and the same goes when I am with a dude.

      A down-low man is a dude who has a girlfriend or is having relations with women and men at the same time. For example, if a dude sleeps with women on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but bangs men the rest of the days.There is nothing good about that bro.

  11. I’m so glad I just don’t act on my feelings when a guy comes around then maybe ill be with him but as of right now I love myself and don’t care what dl men or feminine men do as I’ve said gays can be just as dumb and superficial as straights.

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