robinwilliamsi am ABSOLUTELY shocked.
one of my fav movies of robin williams would have to be jumaji.
i loved that movie as a kid.
the foxvine is saying he committed suicide,
but nothing has been confirmed.
i know he suffered from serious depression.
i had a bad feeling when they cancelled that show he was in with buffy the vampire slayer.
you seriously don’t know what other people are dealing with out here.

rip robin williams

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13 thoughts on “RIP ROBIN WILLIAMS”

  1. he had a severe bout with bipolar disorder and he suffered from depression so those two things together can be fatal for anyone…one thing about our brains, is that if our brain shuts down on us we can be a state of mental panic and will grow unstable…everyday we wake up with our sanity it’s a blessing because the human mind is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness..i loved his work as an actor and as a stand up comedian…he will be missed…GOD bless his family that has to be hard to bury him under these circumstances i just hope social media doesn’t say anything bad about him right now in memes and etc

    1. ^for those who don’t know,
      atiba newsome was diddy’s right hand man.
      Correct me if I’m wrong,
      but he use to be on “I want to work for Diddy”.
      i use to think he was cute.
      def not me tho.

      anyway this prodigy character has been harassing me on my site since last year.
      from further investigation,
      it is alleged it’s peanut aka kerry rhodes stalker.

      1. Where in the hell did he get that from? That is sick. Is it that serious? Bringing up people’s names and shit. Damn, this dude has some mental issues.

  2. I’m not shocked at all because the most funniest person in the room are secretly the sad one.

  3. Me three for Mrs.Doubtfire. I was shocked because he always seemed so bubbly and lively in public. I was also shocked to hear that he suffered from depression. Committing suicide at that. Wow! Reminds me of Lee Thompson Young’s suicide from last year around this same time.

    R.I.P 🙁

    1. That was my favorite movie of his as well. I wonder what he was depressed about tho? He had a good career and his bank account had to be stacked.

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