Happiness = A lot of Money and Instagram Followers

tumblr_m9oi32OqBz1rvcjrqtoday i read the details of robin william’s suicide.
he tried to slit his wrists but since that didn’t work,
he ended up hanging himself.
i nearly cried at my desk.
along with micheal brown’s murder,
it has been a very sad week when it comes to senseless death.
today the mailroom wolves were having a discussion about robin williams.
many of them said:

“why would he kill himself?
he had money…”

say what?…
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robinwilliamsi am ABSOLUTELY shocked.
one of my fav movies of robin williams would have to be jumaji.
i loved that movie as a kid.
the foxvine is saying he committed suicide,
but nothing has been confirmed.
i know he suffered from serious depression.
i had a bad feeling when they cancelled that show he was in with buffy the vampire slayer.
you seriously don’t know what other people are dealing with out here.

rip robin williams