Happiness = A lot of Money and Instagram Followers

tumblr_m9oi32OqBz1rvcjrqtoday i read the details of robin william’s suicide.
he tried to slit his wrists but since that didn’t work,
he ended up hanging himself.
i nearly cried at my desk.
along with micheal brown’s murder,
it has been a very sad week when it comes to senseless death.
today the mailroom wolves were having a discussion about robin williams.
many of them said:

“why would he kill himself?
he had money…”

say what?…

why do people think having money is the automatic cure for sadness?
sure id love to get a good 100,000 right now in my bank account,
but i doubt that would truly make me happy.
it would be great for a little while,
but money doesn’t make you feel loved.
i have talked about me being depressed and suicidal before,
but i don’t think people truly understand what it’s like.
no amount of money,
or sex from your ideal fantasies can permanently cure depression.

tumblr_n62ro5OSET1tce8v4o1_500depression comes from a glitch in our brain’s wiring .
robin williams was severely depressed and also suffered from bipolar disease.
double whammy.
this snow wolf was in some of the greatest movies,
but once the curtains drew and the audience left,
he was still left with himself.
that can be the scariest thing.
so he found ways to keep from confronting his demons.
cue: his drug and alcohol abuse.
usually you get addicted to something and depend on that to keep you sane.
why do you think most of these attentionistos,
male and female,
are constantly searching for attention online?
always needing someone to “like” them?
in the gym like it’s going out of style?
showing off material possessions?
better question would be:
why are they ALWAYS single?
going through friends like toilet paper?
these people live in an social media world that provides them an escape.
they find love in the admiration they get.
they usually have no talent,
or have a talent and didn’t get their big break,
so they become stagnant celebrities online.
take their phone away and watch them crumble.
if real celebrities are randomly committing suicide,
ones with big checks and even bigger careers,
what makes you think the normal joe is any better?
nothing is what it seems when you are on the outside looking in.
the greatest struggle in life is not loving and being alone with yourself.
no amount of money can help you do that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Happiness = A lot of Money and Instagram Followers”

  1. I agree. Money would only be a temporary solution to my depression. I was watching the news and they showed where he had just celebrated his birthday. He seemed happy and content. I have to give a side eye to the media who claim Robin was going broke. They say that every time a celebrity dies. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar said he took the cancellation of their show the hardest. Maybe the TV show was a distraction from facing his demons, is my guess. I was a little creeped out by how much he laughed at his pain. But like Dr.Phil(who I can’t stand) said, he was just masking his pain. To be honest, I had no idea Robin did any kind of drugs until now. He didn’t seem like the type but I guess I was wrong because he had drug and alcohol problems. 🙁 Sad.

  2. I just don’t get it. Why would he? However I’m tired of people talking about his issues as if they genuinely cared about him. If they did they would have console him and told him it is alright. Things aren’t simple but the smallest could set one on the right path to understanding and compassion for the spirit. I don’t get worried about being alone. As a real person knows when it’s time to face their problems and overcome them. I refuse to give up when I know I can win this, we all can just drop this I need a wolf thing and start to focus on you. Trust those worthy of you will eventually make their way to you but you gotta keep doing you. No matter what happens.

  3. No money does not buy happiness, but I would have never guessed he had money issues. I mean, he has been in many movies that racked up some change over the years. At his age, he should have been enjoying his life, but you never know what a person is going through.

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