Rolle Call In The Deep End

rollecallso when i first started this site,
next to the legend that was devin thomas,
there was baller wolf for the ny giants,
antrel rolle.
i know he wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea,
but i’d definitely sip on that lipton every night before bed.
from his body to that big ass nose,
i was about that baller wolf in 09

inside voice.
i may need to keep a look out for antrel.
he is lookin’ good these days.
“hi antrel…”
antrel is also one of the highest paid safeties in the nfl.
his contract is $37 mill for 5 years since 2010.
well sadly,
antrel is straight and has a beautiful son.
a fox can dream can he?
good luck on the upcoming season antrel and the g-wolves!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Rolle Call In The Deep End”

  1. At first I didn’t think he was anything to look at but when I scrolled down and saw the other pics, DAMN! he looks clean.

  2. *howls to the moon*

    Damn, ol Antrel still got that cake mane. I would drive up to New York and take a bite out of his big apple. I’d eat that shit to the core.

  3. I love a man with big features, and I’m pretty sure he is featuring something big in the front, in addition to what he has in the back.

      1. i met a cutie online…33 years old, about my height (I’m 5;10) has a nice built, has short locs, chocolate complexion, he’s in the military..he’s discreet but his family knows…has two children from a previous relationship but he said he’s more so into guys now. Very kindhearted we went out last night and we just had a good time, no sex just conversing and getting to know each other…and afterwards he kissed my hand and gave me hug before i got out the car…i was like Jesus did i find a romantic guy…i’ll keep you posted but this one seems like a keeper…oh and he’s going to school also…JACKPOT I’m taking my time, moving slow and keeping my fingers crossed i’ll be 27 this month i WANT a committed relationship…

      2. Sounds like a good catch. Him having kids is fine because he is in his thirties, most men have kids by that age, at least one anyway. Just make sure he is invested, and is not one of those guys who is a switch hitter, one minute he wants men, the next he loves women. Him kissing your hand shows that he is comfortable with his sexuality enough to be romantic with another man and develop feelings for him that could turn into something more.

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