Cam Newton’s Stylist Didn’t Like Him That Day Apparently

8aff2f4aa25c5c7eff1f8d6ea95ac669…or is he his own stylist?
either way,
nfl baller wolf cam newton usually has a good baller wolf swagg.
something went left field at his post game press conference sunday tho…






um cam…rFBamwell the new thing is jogging pants,
a blazer,
and a v neck/polo/dress shirt underneath.
i rocked that look successfully earlier this week.
it should ALWAYS come off like this:

everything should go in a sync.
meaning the sizes of each piece should be the same.
cam’s blazer is way too big and makes him look like a pink lady from grease:

less “dwyane wade” cam.

style picture sources: looktastic | looktastic | lookbook |
other pictures credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Cam Newton’s Stylist Didn’t Like Him That Day Apparently”

  1. None of this stuff is my style anyway, so I def. don’t agree with what he is wearing lol. I don’t know how y’all do it. My nuts gotta breathe man.

  2. Someone doesn’t know to dress for their body, the blazer is way too long and I kinda feel like the pants are too short and tight.

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