why is nicki minaj’s “queen” out here selling like a joker?

tour bundles.
…and yet,
nicki minaj still under performed with her latest effort,
i don’t get it or maybe i do.
so according to “hits daily double”

that is very low for her.
her last album,
“the pink print”,
debuted at #2 with 244k/198k in pure sales in 2014.
this is a massive drop for something so hyped.
according to her the other night:

so i’m sure you’re wondering why the drop?
well for one,
this era has been very messy with the roll out.
all this random fighting and drama is taking away from the project,
the singles and videos have been underwhelming for some.
bad enough,
i gave the album two spins and wasn’t really impressed.
it was very “eh” to me.
no stand outs that made me want to play on repeat.
her other albums got plenty of spins off the first initial listen.
i don’t want to say nicki is “done”,
but i will say she may need to re-evaluate her next moves with this album.
if she comes out with a good video/remix,
she might be able to clean up in the long run.
i remember back then,
all it took was a unreleased remix to sell an flop album.
they might need to bring those tactics back.
we shall see what happens with “queen” during week 2.
in a twist of irony that i didn’t even see coming:

lil kim’s debut,
is charting all the way from 1996 on the itunes hiphop/rap charts.

lowkey: a ton of folks stan and will cuss you out,
but don’t support their favs?
why is this?
how does nicki have all those followers and these are her numbers?

hdd screen grab cc: hits daily double

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “why is nicki minaj’s “queen” out here selling like a joker?”

  1. I’m baking seasoned Okra, skinless Chicken breast burgers with a side of Green Giant corn on the cob because I’m country and I’m from the Deep South where we can make anything random taste good and I saw this post..

    Could be she has finally served her purpose. There’s a lot more I’d like to add but it’d be in vain voicing it.

    I used to be a firm believer of karma but now I don’t think it exists. At least not the way we think it does. I don’t believe the universe is “fair” but I do believe it is compassionate.

    Sadly Jamari, a lot has changed since the previous generations. Folks are more interested in being building a fanclub instead of a legacy. Only time will tell… However, judging by the current American president…time is running out.

      1. Lol. Jamari you know me. I can care less about what fans say.

        Denial is hard but the fans can just sit down, be quiet and grow up and get over it and support her like they always have.

        And that cover with her is trashy. She needs to give up this slutty look. Personally, I’m sick of her taking all these pornographic magazine cover photos. What folks seem to forget is that if you have talent you don’t have to use your body to get attention like that. This isn’t a direct shot at her per say as it is at how times have changed to the point where folks have to get butt naked to bag a nickle. It does nothing but reenforce the stereotype that women will always be nothing more than “sexual objects”.

        Honestly, for her, I think she would be so much better and much sexier with a more business/classy feminine style. That’s something women would appreciate…for example, Look at Rhihanna…who has an established brand…I never was a big fan of Ri’s but I’ve developed so much respect for her.

        I swear to me, Nikki should come out with her own elegant clothing line and perfume…she’d fare much better…

        The situation with Cardi B was played very well. I knew last year when I first found out who she was and when she popped up she was going to be a problem. She reminded me of Nikki a bit and then I was like..uh ohh.

        They immediately crammed her down the throats of the public, placing her with popular figures and assigning folks to write her music. Exposing her nudes and wrapping it up with a rags to riches story while slowly painting Nikki as the wicked stepmother..which plays out like a live action version of Cinderella called Ratchetrella. Her price charming is who she’s with and now they have a child…What a perfect way to dramatize a soap opera into reality, gathering sympathy from the public.

        This seems very forced.

        She reminded me of Left Eye for a little a while until she said she didn’t want to be a role model…and I was just wondering what the hell are you singing for then? You’re supposed to be giving a message in your music to uplift, inspire and motivate others.

        I’m not really coming for her per say either. I’m just saying…Things be “rigged” these days…

        And before any of her fans start raging at my post. I said what I said, I’m not changing my opinion and I’m not going to argue over a woman who wouldn’t blink if either of us died tomorrow.

      2. She need to take her ass back to pop music. She did better there teaming up with pop stars and club DJ’s like David Guetta, etc.

  2. Queen was too long. I if u take out half the songs the album woulda been legit. She went back to her mixtape flow on a lot of tracks so I appreciated that. That being said this era has been a helluva mess. She picked the worst singles off the album too because LLC is a banger. If Travis gets #1 it’ll kill her ego, she had so much riding on this release. She just has to accept the amount of female competition in hip hop now. But since she never has she’s struggling. Ironic Kim’s albums are re-charting lol she predicted all this year’s ago tho, oh well.

  3. Besides from Chun-Li which was already released, I like about 7 songs from this album,…… well six because one isn’t a full song and only a interlude. The sand out is Barbie Dreams which I will give her was good ( even tho I loves lil kim’s Dreams from her first album more).LLC and Good Forms are solids to me because her rapping is consistent on them and the delivery is there. I’m warming up to Chun Swae ( which is not her fault because I think the song could do without Swae Lee), Sir, and I thought I knew You (Not really a fan of Nicki singing and I sometimes can’t get into the Weekend’s singing ).

    It’s not a fantastic album and like I though ahead of time it would have some bops but mostly misses for me.

    1. Well you know she did “Dreams” back in the day when she was putting out Mixtapes back in 07. One good thing about this albun is (in my Jess Hilarious voice) she finally, FINALLY, FINALLY PUT FOXY ON A RECORD!!! She sounded good too! Not like the Foxy we remember but it was refreshing. Nicki’s run as a rapper is done though, primarily because of no other reason than she was the only one for too damn long. Why that was the case is up in the air, but it would have been adventitious for there to be a couple more. It would have stretched her span a little longer.

  4. She seems very insecure. It’s sad.
    Tbh, Queen is not that good. Pink Print was a better album only because it showed a desire to evolve, to challenge her sound and her fans. Anaconda was unexpected but at least, overtime, it has become a “signature” song for her.

    Instead of focusing on Cardi, she should have looked at Beyonce & Rihanna. ANTI was the album people wanted from Rihanna but nobody knew if she was capable of delivering something with more depth.
    It all started like this Nicki era: 4 5 seconds was received with mixed reviews, the same for BBHMM.
    But she was focused on her vision and her craft and ANTI was a very well put together record. It may not be her best-selling one but, it showed her artistry and gave her a new credibility. Riri has a lot of hits but ANTI is really the album where she had control!

    The same can be said for Beyonce even if i think that she has been more concerned about her legacy and her body of work than hits. We don’t have the same expectations towards her because she is focused on cohesive albums with a real point of view.

    Nicki doesn’t have a point of view, she doesn’t have anything to say really. I mean, Barbie Dreamz is a very “The Shaderoom” type of record…Very gossipy topics.
    After a decade in the industry, it’s sad to see that she doesn’t have that much to say.

    She sees Cardi as a competition but i’m sorry, Cardi has more to say and her story is much more interesting than hearing Nicki talk about Young Thug stealing her dress.

    It’s a pity because she is talented but after 10 years, we shouldn’t use that as a justification. Her talent is what made her 10 years ago.

  5. So after nearly every female rapper and the media take shots at Nicki we’re surprised her sales are finally dropping? I’m not. It’s clearly been a game to get Nicki off the top because she’s monopolizing. Nicki can only blame herself though. When the hate started she should’ve shut it down by getting with other female rappers.

    Again, miss me with the Cardi stanning though. As if we haven’t seen the tired ass recycled story of a ratchet stripper fucking rappers/producers, suddenly becoming a rapper, then getting pregnant. Cardi just came at the right moment which is right after Remy came through with the two-piece.

  6. Bad press and poor rollout with her album.

    She had a big hit with Anaconda before her last dropped.

    She should’ve axed “Rich Sex” and put out “LLC” or “Barbie Dreams” ahead of the release and killed some of the album fillers. The songs with Future and The Weeknd were good at all.

    I liked this album better than her last one. I really wanted her to prove she can carry a good song on her own and she did that much. Now I need her to step it up next album.

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