so let’s font about my journey with mario badescu skin care

*i only font about products that i feel strongly about.
any product that i font about has been used.

i’ve been patiently waiting to font about mario badescu.
you know when i love something,
i’m gonna give you an entry about it.
so i started testing their products at the beginning of the year.
i sorta became obsessed with the results.
let’s get into how i got introduced to them…


as you know in earlier entries,
i was really digging skinceuticals and what it did for my skin.
they introduced me to the power of serums and i thank them for that.
those products are way too expensive and i couldn’t afford them any longer.
around the beginning of this year,
i met a vixen at my old job whose skin was pretty crazy.
her face was littered with acne.
at the time,
i was having a few break outs as well.
we started to bonded over skin care regiments as we became cool.
one day,
she mentioned she was gonna try something she saw at urban outfitters.
one of her friends was using a product and swore by every drop.
in like a week after her telling me,
and paying attention to my own face issues,
she walked up to me and i noticed how nice her her face was looking.

it stopped me in my tracks.
she wore make up,
and i use to see all the acne underneath,
but her skin was exceptionally clear.
it was glowing af,
her excess oiliness was gone,
and 98% of her break outs was out the door.
i was blown tf away!!!!!!!
so she directed me to this:

i couldn’t stop praising her new skin,
that the following day,
she went out and bought me a kit to try out.
talk about a blessing.

“you get good skin!”
“…and you get good skin!”

i remember one of the vet foxholers,
mentioning how good glycolic acid works.

“Glycolic Acid is the holy grail for exfoliation, effectively removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter, fresher skin. Products that contain Glycolic Acid are used often to treat scarring, skin discoloration and signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.” – via skinstore

since it was one of the products in that brightening kit,
and i was getting familiar with it before,
i was excited to give it a shot.
 no lie,
i noticed a difference after that first night i used it.
i don’t think i waited that long for results.
i only used the brightening kit at night,
but continued to use ( x my regular face wash procedure ) during the day.
it was working so well that when i saw the pretty vixen for an outing,
she made a compliment on how good my skin was looking.
i started to tell her about it and i remember her yelling out:



she had to say no more.

so i went from using the kit,
to buying the glycolic acid separately,
and then the wonder that is their “sea weed night cream”.

 it made sense to for me to reach out to mario badescu.
they responded so kindly to my email last week,
but in a shocking twist,
they wanted to send me a pr package of their oily skin line for review.

all of my legit reactions when i got the package yesterday:

i’m so excited to introduce this to the foxhole.
i’m more than satisfied with the results i have achieved.
so i’m going to test all of the the products i was sent.
i will font in like a week (week 1/2) my results.
before bed last night,
i used:

glycolic acid cleanser
special mask for oily skin
vitamin c serum

seaweed night cream

when i woke up:

acne cleaner
control moisturizer for oily skin

…and no issues so far.
i feel i’m getting better results than other products i’ve tried.
so we’ll meet back to discuss soon,
but if you’d like to start:

urban outfitters
mario badescu

i hope you achieve glowing results as well!

disclaimer: this is my own personal experience with this product.
what works for me may not work for you.
with anything,
trial and error is involved.
if these products don’t work for you,
you’ll find something that will.

8 thoughts on “so let’s font about my journey with mario badescu skin care

  1. Update: I am not sure if anybody will see this, but hopefully you will get an alert J. I ordered this once I found out it was on Amazon and the starter kit was pretty affordable. I did the acne line since I have been suffering from acne since I have been a teen, and I am no spring chicken so you can imagine I have literally tried everything under the sun with mixed results including changing my diet and more water. Well I ordered this and began using it on Monday and I must say that today is Thursday and I cant not believe it but I have noticed smoother skin and a glow. I was so blown away that I decided to try and find this post to write about it. I guess if I continue to get these results, I will order the full kit once this runs out. I had never heard of this product, so I hope that Mario knows that this little blog has a big influence and your review convince me to give it a try, who knows how many other people may have tried it as well. Please continue to give us more product reviews including new cologne reviews, as a matter of fact, I have been getting into layering two different scents together to create a new scent. Can you please do a topic on this so I can try some different combination that others have already experimented with. Gold Star for you J for this skin care product, it works really good.

    1. ^thank you t for sharing your review on it!!!
      i’m glad your experience was a positive one!!
      i’m going to do more product reviews,
      especially ones that i use and they work.

      i have to reach out to some cologne companies since i love doing those reviews as well!

  2. This is what’s up, I’ve been a longtime fan of Mario Badescu products, their holy grail products are:

    – the Glycolic acid cleanser ( Best to use a few times a week, really helps with getting rid of dead skin cells and it helped with my scarring for a time.)

    – the Drying lotion, ( this is the only spot treatment that does anything to my whiteheads, with is the main kind of acne I get. Other spot treatments just kind sit on top and don’t do much or are better situated for blackheads. Nah this stuff actually dries your whitehead over night making it smaller .)

    – the AHA Botanical Body Soap ( Best body wash for acne on the back and chest, I also use it to help with razor bumps from trimming and waxing my body hair.)

    P.S. I’m happy they sent you a PR package to share your thoughts with the foxhole ( really glad YOU reached out to them, taking control),like Carlton said above sponsored posts are right around the corner., especially companies looking to tap into the black lgbt community Pure for men, Studio ready scrub, and Bevel just to name a few.)

  3. i have to add that we also need to look inside as well.
    i know for me,
    when i eat salt,
    it’s a done deal and my face looks crazy.
    i had to cut salt out of my diet.
    stress also breaks me out as well.

  4. Okay I have serious acne problems & I’ve tried everything under the sun but this post is so confusing ugh.. So is the kit only to brighten or is to brighten & eliminate acne? Is the whats the purpose of the seaweed cream & would’ve been nice if you could’ve break down everything in the package.

    1. ^my apologies,
      i was going to do a thoro breakdown next entry.
      this was just an introduction.

      the kit,
      for me,
      helped brighten my skin i already had,
      but i was using other products for acne in the morning.
      it sort of balanced out with fighting my acne and helping with hyper pigmentation.
      i think it helped with my break outs as well.
      in the kit,
      the glycolic acid helped take off a layer of dead skin,
      the alpha grapefruit toner smoothed it out,
      and the vitamin c serum brightened my skin.
      the brightening cream was as a mud mask i did very 2 days to help remove the pigmentation.
      there is an acne starter kit at urban outfitters:

      the seaweed mask gives my skin a glow.

      these are all for my skin type which is oily.
      on their website,
      they have all of their products in sections by skin type.

      i hope this helped.

  5. Come through with the product reviews!!!!!!!!!! I smell blessings. Next up! Sponsored posts!!!!

    I will look into them when I get my next paycheck.

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