lamont johnson shows his best angle in this latest sex leakage

*the following is xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i can tell you what lamont johnson best angle is.
his backside.
he has been showing these “pov” videos,
but his backside is the main attraction.
well he posted a video,
that he allegedly took down,
on his “onlyfans”.
a foxholer sent me the video and well…


that is the perfect angle.
i love to see a nice tail contracting with each thrust.
you know i’m a fox who loves nice bunz.
i’m shocked none of the vixens squeezes on those big bunz.
i’d be all over it.
he has another,
where he is doing it doggy,
from that angle on his “onlyfans”.
the vixen is clearly into the dick unlike the others.
check it out when you sign up.
i’m glad he is switching it up tho.
nothing worst than only pov videos.
you gotta switch it up once and a while.
it takes someone brave to do what lamont is doing,
especially for public consumption,
but he is clearly out of fucks with his content.
i can only guess what lamont will do next.

lowkey: he gets a lot of pussy.
he isn’t very romantic tho:

i guess he is just “the good time guy”.
we’ll talk about those types soon.

check out lamont’s onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “lamont johnson shows his best angle in this latest sex leakage”

  1. He is so not it. When he opened his mouth, I lost all interest. Is that what a vagina looks like? More proof that tops don’t have to be 100% gay.

  2. Yeah the beard look doesn’t entice me at all. I’ll be happy when that look fades out. He has a nice muscle butt but I’m just not interested in him. The sex looks tired. Like I’m tryna see what Jamari sees in him and I don’t. Now Khalil Wells can get it, Jammy except for that tattoo on his face. His body, dick and ass make me hard on sight.

    1. I think that poor child was going through something. That video he posted with him crying and breaking down, those cut marks…The weord tat on his face.

      I was a little worried…but despite my eyeroll at him…the boy is well put together. I can’t and won’t lie about it…

      1. He is DEFINITELY put together! The body is on point. He just cheapened his brand with this OF shyt.

  3. DO NOT, i repeat do NOT pay for his onlyfans. It’s the biggest SCAM around. Save that for your tank of gas. He’s super insecure and barely posts + anything 1/2 way good ends up in the foxhole anyways 🙂

  4. I’m eating some candy bite cookies I got from Walmart because I thought about that smiley face they used to advertise, which made me think about yellow m&ms and then I decided I needed some fatness in my life until I saw this post…

    Okay. I know I’m in the minority but I think he looks unattractive with that Hebrew mop under his chin.

    I’m with you Jamari. I love a wolf with a nice tail but it has to be two things: sculpted and clean.

    Catch me on the right night during the thot crescent moon of the eastern windwind I may just eat his @$$ too and make him feel like he really is loved and treasured like a king. I love a man with a sculpted butt like Brandon P. Bell and even that crazy Chile, Khalil the Scammer Wells…I like men with those we’ll put together butts. When you touch them, you can feel the muscle fat there daddy…just man muscle.

  5. Nice booty and it will be the gays that keep him afloat. He has a cakes book coming soon that I think will cost 15 dollars.

  6. He definitely learned from earlier and this is still the best angle for him, however still not a smart move in the long run.

      1. Really I got tall vibes from him well ehh. I do get it he’s more a print/ad model than a serious model.

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