f0xmail: I Need Help With Getting A Good Facial!

so i have some beauty updates.
you know i LOVE a good facial.
in more ways than one?
so i got this foxmail from a foxholer:

Jamari, your blog is AMAZING!!!! I enjoy your content, especially about beauty!! That is why I am writing you! I have been having troubles with my skin around my eyes for some time now. The problem I am facing is common. I am having bags/dark circles and fine lines/wrinkles under my eyes. Can you tell me some products that will help relieve this problem? I’ve heard of the skincare line Kiehl’s . What do you think about them? I’ve never used them. I also wanted to know how can I get rid of dark spots, or acne scars. I heard natural shea butter is good, but it seems like it would take a while to work. Do you know of any good products that work? Thanks so much for your help!

 okay so…

first of all:


okay now let’s font.
they say the first places you can tell someone’s age:

under your eyes

for those blessed with melanin,
can skip that line and stay looking young for a long time.
i believe that the members of the foxholes of:

light skin
  the snow

…need to start using anti aging creams early.
this all depends on if they smoke cigarettes and live fast lives.
those are things that age anyone,
regardless of race,
but some lighter complected folks don’t fare to well as times goes on.

you should have a good moisturizer.
you should be applying that moisturizer(s) morning and night.
face and neck.
you know i love my:

eyes are different because the skin underneath is very sensitive.
i have been using:


(before it ran out)

(currently using)


…and my eyes are completely smoothed out underneath.
i didn’t have bags,
but i did have dark spots and wrinkles.
i put a drop on my index finger and pat/rub it in.
a smoothing motion until i get to the edge of my eye,
but underneath the tip of my eyebrow.
when i ran out of the “a.g.e eye complex”,
i was devastated because i couldn’t get a refill.
i did my research and downgraded to neutrogena.
that has been continuing where the expensive one left off.

dark spots.
i had the worst dark spots due to acne scarring.
so a friend of mine hooked me up with some kheils products.
i swear by this serum:

i used it at night only.
i applied a few drops to my skin and pat it in before my moisturizer.
in about a month,
a majority of my dark spots were faded dramatically.
when it ran out,
i started using:

…and it helped keep any dark spots at bay.
since i have oily skin,
i always exfoliate with a facial twice a week.
that removes any dead skin cells.
i get so much compliments because of my skin.
i’m happy i was directed to the products that helped me.
i will do the same.
here is a list everything i used that can be ordered directly from amazon:

disclaimer: what may work for me may not for you.
everything in skin care is trial and error.
i hope it works and let me know how it goes!

6 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Need Help With Getting A Good Facial!

  1. Boscia’s whole line is amazing, plant-based, and extremely cost effective. A small pump of thier face cleanser cleans the whole face and neck with water and u have a face cleanser for like 3 months and change! I’ve also heard very good things from Skyn Iceland.

    Both are found at Boscia.

  2. Great suggestions, for the foxholder who wrote in I would also advise in finding a spf so your dark marks and scars don’t get darker by the sun’s rays. After you apply eye cream around your eye area you can put a little bit on your neck . Since there are anti aging ingredients in most eye creams you can kill two birds with one stone and prevent lines one the neck.

    Also find a face wash with glycolic acid and use in 2-3 times a week in place of your regular cleanser. The glycolic acid exfoliates the skin helping with acne and dark marks. I really like the one from Mario Badescu there’s a small size for like 8 bucks and the larger one for 16.

    Good luck

    1. ^love these tips!!!!!!!!

      i wonder if these products were around back in the day?
      it’s easy to look younger with the right direction!

      1. oh I’m sure!

        It was probably harder to research about these type of products tho.

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