f0xmail: I Need Help With Getting A Good Facial!

so i have some beauty updates.
you know i LOVE a good facial.
in more ways than one?
so i got this foxmail from a foxholer:

Jamari, your blog is AMAZING!!!! I enjoy your content, especially about beauty!! That is why I am writing you! I have been having troubles with my skin around my eyes for some time now. The problem I am facing is common. I am having bags/dark circles and fine lines/wrinkles under my eyes. Can you tell me some products that will help relieve this problem? I’ve heard of the skincare line Kiehl’s . What do you think about them? I’ve never used them. I also wanted to know how can I get rid of dark spots, or acne scars. I heard natural shea butter is good, but it seems like it would take a while to work. Do you know of any good products that work? Thanks so much for your help!

 okay so…
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