i thought i could get him into a relationship with my butt cheeks

waddup?” he asked on the other line.

he was fine.
“fine fine”.
it’s been a long time since i’ve talked to someone i was interested in.
i was attracted to him tho.
we been talking on and off for a few days.
he’s definitely someone i could see myself with long term…

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Give It To Me (UPFRONT)

“Do i look fat in these jeans?”

the straight wolf knew that question was coming too.
as soon as she waddled her ass in the room,
legit “i know i do but i need to tell me i don’t” look on her face.
you can kinda sense when someone is feeling insecure.
so when she asked that question,
his first instinct is:

“Let me tell her a lie to avoid confrontation.”

see ^that.
that right there.
that is where the issue happens.
instead of him telling this vixen the truth,
he lies to her so it…
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How To End Up Fucking Your OWN Ass

We as humans are naturally prone to defend ourselves.

When we get into an argument,
our shields are up,
sword in place,
gun is in the holster,
and we are ready for combat.

First swing: What they have done to us!

Second swing: Why we think they did it to us!

Third swing: How what they did made us feel!

Last swing: Where we will be when THEY are ready to apologize!

You should be always ready to defend yourself.
As a Fox, you do not take ANY shit.
But sometimes when a Wolf you are interested in makes a mistake,
one of which does not cater to our egos,
or we over-analyze something to pieces,
we feed him to the past Wolves.

Thus turning him off and sending us to The Island of the Lonely Foxes.
And unless we are all the new carpet munchers for 2012,
I need a STRONG WOLF in my life.

Are we simply just going from Foxes… to bitches?

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