Lets Meet!

Gif-Clockso it happened today.
“the meeting” i was talking about yesterday…

it happened around 11am.
i had to stop working on a project to hear whatever it was we were meeting about.
ironically liar liar took the day off.
she was really sick.
how convenient!



JoselineEyeRollthis meeting was basically to tell us that we will have a busy september.
some of us may have to stay and do ot.
there will be a lot of work we’ll have to do.
we will also not get any raises amongst this busy season.
that lowkey pissed me off.
i’m still waiting on the raise i was suppose to after my probation.
there is also new rules about cell phone and internet usage.

“if i catch anyone doing both,
you will get written up.”

don’t they say that at every job?
oh and some stuff was addressed about belittling coworkers.
i figured that was directed towards me in regards to liar liar.
other than that it was very boring.
oh and the wolf who texted me who said he was gonna speak his mind?

thought so.
actually no one did.
i’m glad i took the advice of everyone and shut the entire fuck up.

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8 thoughts on “Lets Meet!”

  1. Damn bro. Sorry to hear that you will be busy, but hopefully you will get that raise before the year is over. You did right by not speaking about liar during the meeting.

  2. I’m happy that you kept your mouth shut at the meeting. I guess that no use of the Internet means no visiting various sites and doesn’t mean that you cannot email yourself to your own private email documentation of relevant details of your job. And just in case your employer has access to your work email account, I’d email from one private email account to another private email account. Or if you only have one private email account, I’d email from it to it.

    It’s usually better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission so I would not ask for clarification. If email is covered by the Internet policy, it’s likely to say “I didn’t know that that was covered” and go from there.

  3. bring ya tablet to work and/or email from there in the restroom or lunch break, take notes via hand. make sure u keep an eye on thing 2 internet & cell usage since the meeting just in case she tries it with you again

  4. LOL she knew her ass was going to be addressed. She took the day off to cook a Jamari voodoo doll in her boiling cauldron while thinking of another plan to get you in trouble. That’s probably why they were speculating that you’re gay. Because if you were straight, you’d be screwing a fellow employed vixen and everyone would know your business. Remain an enigma to them. They’re just mad because they don’t have any dirt on you.

    The wolf that claimed he was gonna speak his mind was probably waiting for someone else to do it first.

  5. Of course this chick wouldn’t show she probably knew what the meeting would be about the entire time and figured it wasn’t worth her time. What a waste.

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