Black Don’t Crack (Unless It’s On Crack)

tumblr_o3h693a2eR1qdzx0go1_500zoe kravitz and lisa bonet.
daughter and mother.
27 and 48.
whatever unicorn blood lisa is drinking,
she needs to send the foxhole a sample!these vixens are gorgeous!

lowkey: lisa looked so beautiful on hbo “girls” two weeks ago.
she just radiates sex.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Black Don’t Crack (Unless It’s On Crack)”

  1. Yes!! I am hardly ever to be able to tell these two apart. They literally look like sisters. Lisa must be drinking from the fountain of youth.

  2. I have always said this about he, her daughter and her look like twins. Plus she has Great taste in good looking men. Ex is Lenny and her current husband is fine ass Jason Moma

  3. If you like Zoe, she’s so good in “DOPE”. She’s absolutely beautiful in that movie. And the movie is amazing all around.

  4. Both of her parents have held up amazingly well and are a testament to clean eating and living. I think both may be Vegan, and she may be as well.

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