So I Guess I Was The Only One Who Watched Empire?

tumblr_nye6nhjXpK1u5351mo1_500wait til i get into my frustrations with “boo boo kitty”.
so i guess some of you didn’t realize empire came on this week.
apparently it had ( x the lowest ratings ) for thanksgiving eve.
i know i nearly forgot…
so yeah.
this episode was a tiny bit better.
i see the writers are trying to find their way back.
i’m with them.
guide me back to the point.

– can we talk about how good auntie viv looks?!
she retweeted my tweet too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 5.23.43 PMi was feelin’ all special and shit.

-i am a little lost at the random “find my sister” story line tho.
and segway into this…

boo boo “krazy” and her sitting on the floor,
looking at pictures and addresses of hakeem and jlo jr.
like why are on the floor,
in the dark,
eating ice cream,
and looking like every inch of “wtf”?

the writers did not give any clues as to her becoming unstable.
just like cookie sister being this crack head.
there was no leading up to these two characters falling off the rails.
they just hit rock bottom for no reason.
i’m finding boo boo “krazy” the most confusing.
she didn’t fall into this when lucious left her,
but suddenly,
she is coo coo krazy for hakeem?
hakeem of all people.
what are you trying to tell me?
from what i got,
they only fucked.
she didn’t even like him and used him to get back at lucious.
now she has gone mad?
oh ok.

am i the only one who thinks lee daniels doesn’t like the actress who plays boo boo kitty?

– so jamal is a bisexual

i mean i could feel the tension between skye and him.
it would be pretty dope if they made him a bisexual tho.
we hardly see the bisexuals on television.
i’ll allow this new life choice for jamal.

speaking of jamal,
does he have to sing every episode?

i mean jesus…
i could have done without that “music video” skye and him had.
its like they have made this show:

“behind the music:
making jussie smollett’s album”

…and whats so game changing about his sound?
the whole “techno beat” break has been done by chris brown and rihanna.

did anyone nearly barf when lee daniels sashayed on screen?
don’t “tyler perry” yourself lee.
it made the show very “chitlin circuit play” with his cameo.
thanks but no thanks.

is there a point to andre’s character anymore?
i feel like he is just there.
him and his big ass in jeans/slacks.

give him a gun or something.
have him shoot the irrelevant wife and bury her.
he needs a better story line.
so you’re telling me that cookie has been fuckin that hot spanish meat,
laid up in bed with him all day,
and never once saw that tattoo on his back?
i know dick can be that good,
but seriously?

how could you miss that ugly ass tat?

– i need to use lucious line:

“it’s nice to see you sleeping your way to the bottom.”

…in a sentence soon.
its in my reminders next to “buy toilet paper”.

thats pretty much my thoughts on the episode.
did i miss anything?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “So I Guess I Was The Only One Who Watched Empire?”

  1. I only agree with your thoughts on Andre. I’ve been over him and his coonish tendencies since season one. Can he go somewhere with Dora and never come back?

  2. I barely remembered to watch it, glad I did though, I liked this episode.

    Remember Anika is being like this because she’s pregnant and lost her job/money. Them pregnancy cravings don’t play, I’ve learned that being around two pregnant women. Though I did think she looked amazing walking in there and shutting shit down on Hakeem. 😂

    Agree to everything else though. Andre is irrelevant, but I don’t mind seeing that ass walk pass the camera. I think Empire is doing damage control with Jamal getting a girlfriend, viewings were dropping like crazy 👀

  3. When Empire goes on it breaks, they need to quickly re-evaluate and look back at the 1st season to make the 3rd season amazing. Focus on each character’s storyline instead of the cameo. Most important they should make sure the show makes sense

  4. I’m disappointed with lee Daniel on Empire tonight how you change openly gay character Jamal into exgay str8 character. a lot of gay people look up to gay like Jamal. It stupid and dumb you going have believe homophobic people it possible for gay person change there sexuality. lee Daniel must got scared of lil boosie ,50 Cent and homophobic people. I thought Lee Daniels was great but he’s a coward just try to pleased the str8 homophobic masses I guess. forcing this on the gay community that they can change their sexuality when they get their heart broken. I am done watching this disaster I’m moving on to a new show. Good bye Empire just lose a fan.

      1. You don’t know if they going he to make him bi one of writers of show said Jamal is still gay. It was in a interview on
        Last season, his rendition of his father’s classic “You’re So Beautiful,” was his own way of publicly coming out by changing the lyrics to a memorable part of the hook: “Say this the kind of song that makes a man love a man.”

        Showrunner Ilene Chaiken further explains Jamal’s most recent actions in an interview with Variety that makes it clear that Jamal is indeed still very much attracted to men.

        “We’re very clear that Jamal is gay and Jamal is clear that he’s gay, but it just happened,” she says. “Isn’t personal agency all about being able to act on something in the moment and owning yourself and not having to explain it or justify it?”

  5. Nah, Jamal does not need to be bisexual. That would create a perception in the straight community that all members of the LGBT community are confused, which is not true. I would assume that most people are certain of their sexuality.

    Regarding Anika and Hakeem, the story-line is weird, not to mention how low down it is for her to sleep with a father and son. SMH.

  6. Wow. Missed a lot with this show. Haven’t watched it since like maybe the third ep of season 2.
    Doesn’t sound impressive though.

  7. Don’t assume Alicia’s character is cisgendered.Don’t assume she is heterosexual.
    BTW that was Alicia’s mom playing her character Skye’s mom on Empire

  8. I gotta respectfully disagree with your take on the uselessness of Andre. The character isn’t bad on paper the writers just don’t know what to do with him. They took an attractive educated black man who has some complex issues and basically neutered his character.

    They gave him serious mental health issues but, instead of doing anything with them they opted to slap him in church and call it a day. Then his wife who originally was portrayed as being a successful power hungry manipulative super bitch got turned into a pregnant stepford wife. They took two characters that fans could love to hate and were perfect for a prime time soap and did absolutely nothing with them.

    So instead we get to watch a show filled with Cookie’s neck rolling and finger snapping, Hakeem’s pointless pretty boy thug antics, and Jamal doing nothing more but acting as Lee Daniel’s lightskinned pretty boy gay fantasy. The only good moments are when you get to see how dark and damaged Luscious is. Empire was supposed to be the modern day black version of Dynasty or Dallas but, instead we got garbage. It’s like going to a restaurant that has the freshesr ingredients but a crappy chef in the kitchen.

  9. I don’t think it was that Cookie didn’t notice the tat, she just didn’t know the thugs in the gang had the same tat.

    “did anyone nearly barf when lee daniels sashayed on screen?
    don’t “tyler perry” yourself lee”

    My thoughts exactly.

  10. Also, I kind of liked the scene with Jamal and Sky Summers. One of my favorite scenes from SE1 was when he and Estelle sung that song together. It was so powerful and everyone was talking about it. I get the same vibe from, “Powerful”.

    However, I do think that he sings a bit too much. Not hating, but I’d like maybe a switch up. One episode Hakeem does a song, then Jamal. We need another Drip Drop.

    I think I’ve bitched enough about Anika, so I won’t get into that. I hope they can write her back as she was in SE1.

    I also like Andre, but, as with everything, it seemed that SE1 he had more of a purpose. I also like his ride or die wife fr fr.

  11. They really screwed up Boo Boo Kitty’s character. She was a smart business woman who helped her Luscious run Empire, now she’s crazy for Hakeem… Hakeem! She used to be Cookie’s equal/rival.

    I feel like the writers will see all the disappointment we have with Boo Boo Kitty’s characterization and have her do a 180 in the season finale where she gets an abortion and season 3 goes on without a mention of her obsession with Hakeem. They did the same with Luscious illness. All this melodrama around his condition then all of a sudden in the finale he’s healed because it was a misdiagnosis. Also the little girl disappeared who was supposedly his or Jamal’s daughter. I’m unsure because I can’t remember. Guess I missed the episode when it was revealed who her father was.

    Back to Boo Boo Kitty, did she not have a deal with another record label in the first season or did Luscious end up killing that man? Either way, she should not be struggling the way they have her struggling now. This is a far cry from the character we got to know in season 1.

    As for Jamal and Sky Summers. Uh. I was def expecting something to happen by the way he was flashing them dimples at her every scene.

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