Work Wolf Is Leaving?

tumblr_nxb6yz0Pk21uavqfxo1_500i guess it couldn’t last forever.
i was in full relax mode,
getting ready to play some batman,
when my phone started going off.
it was work wolf calling me…

so we started back talking like two weeks ago.
it was gradual.
this week was full blown texting all day.
he apologized.
i apologized.
we moved on.
that “break” thing really helps.

“so i wanted to tell you first…”


“i have an interview for a spot at a new company.
my boy is trying to get me a job…”


















tumblr_ned5f5B5xz1s3vdbjo6_500i felt the entire room go black.
its like time stopped.
my gag reflex didn’t because i wanted to retch.
i just had left overs too.

“oh wow!

i tried to be as happy as i could.
he goes on to tell me they have to set a time to interview.
its a good position and the pay is even better.
he hasn’t been happy working at our job anymore.
he works long hours and he has been stressed out.

“will we still keep in touch?”

“oh course!
you’re not going anywhere.”

…but why do i feel like we will drift apart tho?
maybe its the sudden sadness i feel?

is it fear?
or am i being pessimistic?
i don’t know,
but i feel like i won’t ever hear from him again.
i got really attached to him.
i know.
i’m a fool.
we talked for a little and then we hung up.
before i hit end,
he reassured me that he will always be in my life.

“if it wasn’t for you,
i wouldn’t be the person i am now.
who else is going to yell at me when i fuck up?”

he laughed.
i smiled.
i don’t why i’m feeling like “this” tho.
20 minutes later and i’m feeling some kind of way.
i don’t even have the focus to play my game anymore.
its like i want to be left alone.
i feel sad.

note to self: will NOT play any adele today.
that won’t be happening.

Author: jamari fox

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32 thoughts on “Work Wolf Is Leaving?”

  1. Please, none of her today that will really have you heaving. I don’t think he will forget you as much ish y’all been through it can’t end like that. I think he needs growth and this could be that exit. Sucks that he’s making his last hurrah like that but take solace that he told you personally rather than you just finding out like a side chick. I believe that it’s more to the story and it won’t end that easy

    1. ^adele will make me go cry in the oven.
      i’ll listen to nature sounds for the rest of the weekend.
      “hello” is NOT the song to listen to.

      i’m glad he called me to tell me.
      i hope this is not the end shawn.
      i feel really sad.

  2. Don’t overthink it J. Yeah work may be different without him, but if he said “you’re not going anywhere” believe him. Y’all are still friends. Don’t stress yourself man.

      1. Him leaving will make it easier for y’all to be together without the job being ratchet, snooping and gossiping about yall

  3. Aww, I so know that feeling. If he does get the job then life will carry on. If you guys keep in touch, GREAT! If not, then that’s fine too. One thing I’ve learned is that people come in your life for certain seasons and it takes WORK to keep a friendship or “bromance (lol)” going.

  4. This could be a good thing. Maybe he will be even more open with you versus wondering what people at work are saying when yall work at the same place. Relationship may get stringer because yall aren’t in the same space all day. Stop over thinking again

    1. ^i’m starting to look at the bright side,
      rather than the negative.
      i went there too fast.
      you are also right.
      he hasnt even gotten the job yet.
      i just felt like i would lose him.
      its not fun after being so attached…

    2. I agree Tony. Perhaps with him not having to worry about talk in the workplace, it will allow him to be more open with J. I hope it does!

  5. This is going to be a test. Seeing him won’t be as convenient anymore, you’d have to plan days to chill with him. You know how when you have a real friendship with someone you can not see them for a whole month, then once you do you pick back up like nothing ever happened.

    It really depends on you though Jamari. Wondering where your mind is atm. Are you feeling like this is good time to distance yourself or do you want to stay in contact with him?

    1. I know that’s right Colette. Adele can be a trigger, but you still want to listen to her because she’s so amazing.

  6. Don’t worry Jamari, I know not having him at work has you worry that because you’re not seeing him daily the friendship will fall apart but it’s up to the both of you to put in the effort to keep it going.

    I just had to tell my “friend” this recently after about 2 weeks of not seeing him, even though I would call and text and wouldn’t get a response. He would say he was busy and I would explain right back “so am I but I’m the only one putting in effort and I need you you to meet me half way”. He apologizes and says he will do better and we’ve been back on track.

    If he gets this new job he’ll most likely be less stressed meaning when you do see him you’ll get a calmer happy work wolf.
    It will work out.

    P.S. Remember he’s not the only one making moves, you are as well. 🤑

  7. Aww Jamari don’t get upset, he still hasn’t got the job yet. That was nice of him to call and tell you instead of hearing it from someone else at work. I could be wrong but I think your nervous about the outcome of you’ll relationship if he leaves, because you’ll see each other Monday-Friday and do things after work when you’ll hang out. I know you said it before that you tried to hang with him on the weekends but he didn’t say anything. I honestly think you should try once again and ask him why doesn’t he want to chill over your spot or hang out on the weekends with you. I’m not going to sit up here and tell you to forget about him, because I can really tell you like him and maybe I could be going to far but I think you love him, and to really get to see how he feels about you, I think he needs to come over your spot or you go to his.

  8. I REALLY, don’t think this is the end of you and work wolf
    I think that you all will still be in contact and friends
    I just think you are over thinking
    Make sure you still keep in contact
    I always liked him as a friend for you
    I also think because he wont feel the pressures of society, liar liar, and people in the work place about talking to you your relationship will grow stronger.

  9. I actually think this is good too if he gets the job because I’m a firm believer friends and work don’t mix well. If he gets the job maybe he will be comfortable fucking you now.

    1. @Lindo,do you have to be so crude? You could have said maybe he will be more comfortable dating you,wooing you,romancing you,etc LOL😃

      1. I’m calling spades, spades. Technically work wolf and J are dating unconsciously. They don’t realized it yet but once they do, baby here come the lube and condoms…… Plus this back n forth bickering is a scream for fucking. I remember when I used to have the hots for this guy who smell so damn good everyday and he got swag. CHIIIILE, we would tease each other, playfully fight and I would unintentionally push him when he got near me because deep down I wanted him in between my booty cheeks and release hot load.

      1. I will happily accept being your friend cause everyone over here are getting knocked up and drunk, and they not even over 25 (well some of them are not even 20) I’m screaming, but at least I get paid for babysitting.

      1. I thought about that too cause every damn time you go through something it would either show up in my mind before I read the post or I just recently went through it,

  10. I want to be a fly on the wall when this “saga” burstssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… I am sorry thinking out loud again…..

  11. It’s only natural to feel this way after you’ve invested so much into this person! If he gets the job, make sure you put in your fair share of effort, and if he reciprocates that. then great! proceed as usual, if not, you might have to accept that it would be the time to two step out and move on!
    If y’all are true then, this won’t stop you from being friends. Not by a long shot!

  12. Does he know about your site? Don’t stress it Jamari! If it’s meant to be it’ll work itself out down the line.

  13. I know how you feel, my work boo is really the only person I’m cool with in my department, he’s been temping there for over 2 years but I know the day will come when he will not be there but we hang out outside of work it will be cool but work is fun when he’s there. I told him I want to be the one to leave first lol. Leaving work before the holiday break was quite revealing, we started walking out together but he got stopped by a coworker however I proceeded to leave only to be stopped by a coworker who left her badge at home, he caught with me, the coworker was talking so he proceeded to the elevator. After finally escaping her grasp, I decided to take the stairs. Unbenounced to me he had been waiting at the elevator. He was in the lobby and looked up and smiled and walked up the last flight of stairs. He put his arm around me in a brotherly way and said I knew you wouldn’t have left me cheering from ear to ear; I replied “you stalker”, he laughed as we walked down the stairs shoulder to shoulder. We get outside and wished each other happy holiday, I was headed out of town and he’s staying local, has to work, temps usually work the holidays. He kept asking me when I’d be back but I kept changing the subject. He was getting in his feelings which turned me on. I lied and said 2 weeks and he says WTF YO. I’ve accepted the fact that I have feelings for my straight friend (has a girlfriend); I embrace those feelings. I’ll never tell him, I enjoy the time we spend together. I can’t wait to get back from the holidays so I can see him. Sighs.

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