Night On The Prowl With Work Wolf

tumblr_m6s7pzzuFB1rszxuao1_500work wolf asked me if i wanted to chill tonight.
i was a little tired and moody from work,
but i said:


he wanted to go shopping and wanted me to tag along…

as we looked this one department store,
there was something i have been meaning to ask him:

“are you uncomfortable with me?”

“what you mean?”

“like my sexuality.
does it make you uncomfortable.”

“not at all.”

i brought up our argument when he said he didn’t argue with guys.
i told him that bothered me a little.

“i was pissed off at you.”

“i’ve argued with my straight wolves before.
they never said that.”

“i’ve only argued with dudes about sports or other shit.
its different with you.
i was real pissed that day.”

as we talked,
he said:

“if i was uncomfortable i’d let you know.
you don’t make me feel like that.
hell if you went on a date with a dude,
i’d come along.”

tumblr_m5v70iKuTZ1qaf90uo1_250i looked at him all kinds of crazy.

“you would…
come along?”


as he tried on various outfits,
i gave my “yay” or “nah”.
his upper body looked so good in some of the shirts.

“that working out is working for you.”


he loves it when i talk about his body.
when we are together like this,
we talked about a lot of personal stuff.
he gets completely open.
i like when he is like this.


its different when its just him and i.
i see him for who he is.
someone who is silly and isn’t putting on this “facade” at work.
i even made him apologize for that disgusting attitude last week.
he said “i’m sorry” like 10 times.

“you are hairy”

i said.
pointing to his legs.

“i know.”

“do you like being hairy?”


i told him about nair.
he didn’t know what that was.
i explained.
he said he would try it.
i told him i’d pick him up a bottle.

“how does it work?”

i told him how.
i pointed to my lower body where i put it.

“oh you don’t have hair on you?”


“so thats what you do when your wolves come over?”
tumblr_mcbcukcVTL1qaf90uo6_250i smiled,
bit my lip,
and looked to the side.
he was looking at me in my eyes and smiling.
his eyes definitely said something else.

“aight jamari…”

it was like he was expecting an answer.
my silence was the answer.
he ended up buying me a tie.

“wear it tomorrow.”


i don’t have anything to wear it with.
i should have told him to buy me some pants.
i’m kidding.

he only bought the things i told him to buy.
i even told him buy these nice designer drawz that were on sale.
he never makes a decision without asking me.
when we were leaving,
i asked him about his harem of hoes.

“i’m chillin’ right now.”

“what about that girl you smashed?”

“i’m done with her.
she is getting on my nerves.”

he told me how she is getting attached.

“well you fuck her good so why wouldn’t she?”

“i told her it is strictly fuckin,
but she ain’t listening.”

he showed me his phone with her texts.
she looked really desperate.
every other message was begging to see him agaiin.
i did catch the “we go through a pack of condoms” part.
i nearly fainted.

“is the sex good?”


he told me how she gives good head,
but she isn’t good in bed.
i wanted him to tell me why,
but he ignored the question.

“well don’t reply to her then.”

“i’m not.”

he says that now,
but when he is horny it will be a different story.

after i left him,
even tho i enjoyed the night,
i realized that this isn’t working.
as much fun as he is,
i don’t know if this will even go anywhere.
he definitely cares for me,
but not in the way i want.
he treats me like “the girlfriend” ,
as he has said,
but i want much more than “this”.
who knows if it will ever happen.
it may not.
his friendship means everything,
but i decided i’m going to back up a little.
i may need to take a mental/emotional break from work wolf.

“its not you.
its definitely me.”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

39 thoughts on “Night On The Prowl With Work Wolf”

  1. Maybe you do need to pull back just a little bit until you get your emotion for work wolf under control because you gonna have to realized that work wolf is str8.

    And have you even ask yourself what would happen after, if, you guys have sex?

        1. ^well I can’t pull back too much.
          he made plans for us next week.
          I just mean I need to get in my head this is not “what I want” so I can see him as my friend.
          no looking at signs and all that jazz.
          just strictly platonic.

    1. I feel like work wolf is a great guy. Just curious. And love the genuine attention you giveZBut yeah like lindo said what if you both sex? There is a chance everything could end terribly wrong. But I feel stepping back is not a good idea. It’s not his faught and he will feel that way. And that could end a great platonic relationship.

  2. You taking a break in the friendship because you have feelings will just be the same as ending it……it will be your lost in the end. You’re hard pressed in life to find people who cares and accepts you for everything that you are in this day in age.

    I’m just being real

  3. Glad you’re not settling, he gives you great friendship and all but damn it you want all the PYSICAL affection that’s comes with a relationship😝 the closer your friendship with him get it’s feeling like not enough at times SIGH

    P.S. After reading this I realize I’ve been neglecting my body hair removal for awhile, Nair is way too strong for me and Veet not strong enough. I’ll have to break out the Electric body hair groomer this weekend.

  4. LOL he would come along? That’s a weird thing to say! rofl. Awfully presumptuous of him, and the subliminals in the things he says and does are thought-provoking at the least. I wonder if he’d let you in on one of his “dates” if he even goes that far with the vixens lol.

    He’s a confusing one that work wolf.

    It’s good that you’re coming to your own conclusions about this Jamari, that’s the smart thing to do.

    1. ^im just over the “subs” d.
      work wolf is confusing and he confuses me.
      he says things when we are alone that makes me say:


      and his actions are definitely obvious.
      hell he was letting me touch his body and all kind of shit.

      God is punishing me for something.
      I can feel it.

      1. Damn, if a wolf like that was allowing me to touch him, there would be no going back for me! LOL!
        The evidence is there but nothing is concrete or incriminating, as in, he could still be 100% straight since there is no irrefutable evidence to prove otherwise, but just because it can’t be proven, doesn’t mean it’s not so.
        Needless to say, I’d be just as confused as you are. I’m not good in these situations lol.
        We just want him to make it obvious already and just say something dammit! LOL

      2. Just appreciate his friendship for what it is. He definitely sounds like he’s in your corner for the long haul…but I would not rule out him experimenting with you at some point. He’s curious…and he’s very comfortable with you because you feed his ego and give him attention. If I remember correctly there was a conversation or an incident that you had with him some time ago, and he seemed to get jealous. Also, he must be VERY comfortable in his skin, because no straight man is going out on a date with two other gay men..or he’s just talking shyt. LOL
        I will say this much…your shopping stories remind me of me and my best friend when we used to do that. He liked to show off his body and I’d tease the hell out of him to get a rise out of him. Man, I miss him.

  5. I want to know how in the Hell do you know he has hairy legs? Are you in the dressing room with him when he removes his pants? 🙂

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Because if this dude isn’t even “curious” to the least bit then he is one of a kind. The way Jamari describes him makes him come across as an anomaly. It’s a rarity to find hetero men like that. And in the black community? Lol. And by that I’m not saying every hetero black man is homophobic, I’m just saying I’ve never known/heard one to get that close with another man from the LGBT community.

      This whole thing is very interesting though

  6. I have been a reader of your blog for a few months now and I love reading about the Work Wolf saga. I have been going through a similar situation myself. I have had to ask myself a few questions which I would like to pose to you.

    Do you feel that work wolf is filling some sort of void in your life?

    Secondly, if it did go somewhere, could you picture yourself waking up to him every morning for the rest of your life?

    1. ^honestly,
      yea he is.
      it’s so hard for me to meet a wolf.
      one that has the same qualities that work wolf demonstrates.
      he is the type of wolf id want.
      it’s like he treats me like diamonds.
      he respects my opinion and he listens to me.
      he also accepts me and all my flaws.
      that’s beautiful to me.

      yes and no.
      I would need my space after a while.
      he can get real dependent on me.
      a fox needs his space.

      i liked these questions.
      thank you for the mental homework.

      1. @Jamari But what if he’s treating you like this because the relationship to him is strictly platonic so he can’t get much out of you but your reciprocated platonic love/loyalty?

        Because as non-judgemental as I’m trying to be, if that was a gay dude then most likely by now he would have tried to smash a couple times. He would have tried to get the goods already. WW could just be curious or maybe we’re all just tripping & he just sees you as a really cool friend who he can open up to without harsh judgement. He knows he can probably tell you stuff without you challenging his masculinity like other straight guys would do if you tell them about all of your issues. Maybe that could be it?

        Work wolf is either an insecure curious guy or he could be just a really cool straight dude who appreciates your company. Either way I’ll let you be the judge on that. You know him best.

  7. I love me a moderately harry wolf. Marcus Randall comes to mind. His legs are super harry but it’s hoooooottttt.

  8. I’ve said this from jump-street. Everyone was telling you to be his bestie and stick it out (no pun) etc. And I just knew that it wouldn’t work (despite your claims of persevering) because you have feelings for him/you’re attracted to him. Friends who are attracted to one another usually end up unhealthy. One usually gets worn down and desperate because the unrequited attraction is too much to deal with.

    I can’t imagine being besties with a guy who I was deeply crushing on. Especially with the close bond that you guys have. It will eat me up. And I don’t feel bad about that because I’m human. It’s natural.

    Back when I was in school almost every girl that I befriended later on admitted that they were crushing on me. I never knew how to deal with it because I was just there thinking “well what do you expect me to do?..”
    Sometimes it gets awkward so I would usually change the subject & never speak of it again. So I can’t imagine being in your shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend who I’ve found sexually attractive. Decent looking? yeah, smash-worthy? no. It wasn’t on purpose either lol.

  9. You should also ask yourself these questions.

    Do want his love or just the dick?

    Would I feel the same way about him if he 350 lbs and looked like Forest Whittaker?

  10. Pardon me if comes off as indelicate but work wolf is black, isn’t he? I don’t imagine black guys being so ambigious, particularly one seemingly confident in his sexuality and prowess … letting a gay guy who he met at work and who has confessed attraction to him be all touchy with him. If he is indeed curious, sublimating or just plain straight and comfortable, he is a special breed nonetheless.

    That said, you often hint you want to back up from him, e.t.c, I guess you could try to be unavailable like once or twice, you know, cancel on him only a couple of days before one of his ‘let’s hangout next week dates’, after you’ve hitherto agreed to hangout. It just might give a ‘something potentially exciting (that could actually give me something tangible) has just propped up for me’ vibe.

    I keep looking out to read that during one of your ‘come shopping with me/come ogle at my body whilst I change’ dates, he lured you into the changing room, starts to kiss you and grab on your bum… Well that’s the conclusion in my head. Best wishes with this strange guy.

    Ps. Do you think he could suddenly tire of you and out you in the same category as one of his ‘hoes’?

  11. From what i red i think you should keep that friendship because you both really care for each other and i love its puretiy; but please try to date another man.I feel like you really need affection and love , if work wolf reveals his feelings, good if not you’ll have saved that friendship.

    PS: can’t wait to know the end of the saga it’s so fascinating like it could be a great script for an Hollywood movie.

  12. You should appreciate your friendship, and not pull back. I have two guys I’m close with, who I swore up and down there could be more, and even if there wasn’t more, they at least were into guys because they were way too comfortable around me. Basically I could say anything, even push the limit (with one). But, after honest convos with them I realized they were just letting me be myself. They accepted me, and it was because we had so much in common and enjoyed each others company I imagined and hoped there could be more, but there would be nothing more. I think us guys can get wrapped up in mistaking a perfect (straight) friend as an a potential perfect love interest. But, they are not an anomaly. And, even if he was into guys, he could still not me attracted to you that way, and you would feel the same. Finding the perfect match is harder for gay guys; there are less options and odds, but not impossible. Do not distance yourself from a good friend just because he’s not into you that way.

  13. Jamari I honestly think that work wolf never had this type of relationship with a guy before and probably doesn’t know where to go from this point. A lot of you guys said that if he wanted Jamari he would have smashed already, but I beg to differ because I think that work wolf is confused as hell. All, work wolf knows is smashing females that is his norm. We all know that some men can smash females and males, work wolf is still banging females so he doesn’t feel the need to smash Jamari because his sexual needs are already being met through females. I have to say Jamari your feelings might get hurt in this process with him, but hey sometimes you have to with your heart. Work wolf makes you happy and he cares for you so I understand where your coming from.

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