Serena William’s Booty Landed Her A Papi

tumblr_nrfu7cOrdC1s5yq4jo4_540serena williams is body goals.
what i would do with all that tail.
the possibilities are endless.
then again…
i’d have a hard time finding jeans.
ya know what?
i’ll pass…
well guess who is trying to get in all that booty?
well serena was caught making out with none other than…

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.42.45 PMnone other than champagne papi.
drake gets around.
lord he does.
well the spies over at tmz caught them making out.
cincinnati of all places…

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.45.15 PMwell i don’t know about you,
but i’ll allow it.
drake got him a nice wolf body now and is on the prowl.
i also love that fact its a sista and not something named:

“fung zha”

ya know…
“the typical”.
i hope this isn’t a hit ‘n’ run,
but i’ll pray for the best!


lowkey: all the drake stans are in tears over these pictures.
not like they had a chance anyway.

po’ dem.

pictures credited: tmz

13 thoughts on “Serena William’s Booty Landed Her A Papi

  1. Serena has the body of a goddess. Can drake handle all that? Those Chun-Li thunda thighs would crush him.

  2. Definitely happy for Serena. She works hard and I’m glad she gets to play hard…w/ a younger man. Ow!
    Shout-Out to Drake for snagging her back up tho…takes a special, secure man to date a smart, sexy, confident and beautiful woman at the top of her game.
    I just knew ALL dudes of color were about to be salty when her ex-boo/current coach the Frenchman knocked her up and she never looked back.
    …this tickled me …

  3. Oh my dear Jamari. I have no clue if you find the rock sexy; however, his bunz are out for the first time in his career.

  4. I also love the fact that he got a sista, but I always find interesting light skin/mulato men are more willing to dark skin black women cause damn these dark chocolate men, as fine some of them might be, they can be the absolute worst when it to come tearing down a dark skin woman’s security

  5. For some reason Drake just seems like a Renaissance man. Romantic but also freaky in the bedroom. Get that lightskin papi peen Serena, I ain’t mad atcha!

  6. Wow this kinda came from left field but they look into each other from the pictures so we’ll see.

    P.S. I wish I had a butt like her, with all the money she makes i’ms sure she gets her custom made to fit her frame

  7. I misread the sentence,”What would I do with all that tail”.I thought you were saying what would you do with Serena’s tail as in how would you handle all that ass.I thought you were coming out as bisexual .HaHa

    As for Serena I think she just broke up with her coach/ boyfriend so this is just a rebound fling.

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