Chris Brown Gives Bad Head

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.48.42 PMhas chris brown lost it?
he has seriously lost it.
what would make him get that ugly “venus de milo” tattoo on the side of his head?
i hope he lost a bet and its fake.
like who are his friends?
they all need their walking papers.
look at this video of his tat process…

did he wake up and say:

“i feel like putting a woman’s face on the side of my head.”

i’m confused.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Chris Brown Gives Bad Head”

  1. He’s mentally breaking down. But I love how Karrueche read the fuck out of CB on instagram when he was talking shit about her on some show because she was talking about her life experiences

  2. He needs to increase the dosage of those meds hardcore, because he’s going Britney on us.
    I honestly feel sorry for their child. Although he’s rich, both of them are an embarrassment.

  3. This is what sometimes happens when mentally ill people go off their meds.They act impulsively.Hell, at least get a tattoo of your daughter.Well I guess he can grow his hair long and cover it up.

  4. He’s fallen off sooooooooo much when it comes to looks. I find it so weird that people still find him attractive. Y’all like drugged-out looking hippie types huh? He just looks dirty nowadays. From the endless tatts, to the scruffy beard, the dried out colored hair, his fluctuating weight, hell his nails even look grimey here. Chris just looks musty that’s all. Who remembers Chris Brown circa 2007/2008 (Take You Down Era)??

    Now THAT was the handsome Chris. He wasn’t kiddish looking anymore at that time, he started hitting the gym & was growing into his looks after his puberty settled. I remember being 12 at the time and thinking how great & healthy he looked. Boy times have changed.

    Sorry for the ramble, I had just had a train of thought lol

    1. Probably still find him attractive because he’s light-skinned. Thats all the motivation some folks need these days. That August guy and the others…people go off about how fine they are….and they can do no wrong..etc

  5. this is what happens when someone has so many tatts they run out of ideas…i see it all the time guys getting ugly ass tats posting pics on fb and IG and their homies saying “yo that jawn is hot* smh im not crazy abour tatts to each his own if you get them do something different or special but it’s like everyone and their mom has a million tatts he has fallen off….

  6. Yeah he’s straight. Only straight wolves do dumb shit like this. This makes no difference to me. He’s always been unattractive to me. Personality that matches up with the looks are so rare now a days. *sigh*

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