Breezy Wolf Supports Domestic Violence… But In A Good Way

with all the bad,
comes a good breezy wolf story.

i’m sure the news won’t report that.
the foxhole will.
breezy wolf has done a good deed and raised some money.
the best part is it was for something he knows all to well.
it also involved him:

oh yes,
yes indeedy…

Minnesota Viking’s player, Adrian Peterson, is the founder of “All Day Foundation,” a program supporting several domestic violence prevention programs. He pulled out the big guns for the fashion show — held on Feb. 16, during NBA All-Star Weekend — which raised $50,000 for the generous foundation — and Chris Brown made a surprise appearance!

Many celebrities joined the AD Elite girls’ basketball team to walk in the fashion show, including JJ Watt, Matt Schaub, Terrell Owens, Blake Griffin, Tramon Williams, Keyon Dooling and Robert Griffith.

When Chris, 23, showed up at the event, the audience was, understandably, surprised! However, Adrian had invited him to come meet the girls’ basketball team, where he posed for pictures with all of them, including Adrian’s girlfriend Ashley Brown.

“This is a cause that is close to my heart, and I appreciate that Adrian invited me to be here,” the R&B star said in a press release. “He’s a role model for any athlete or person. As far as his faith and determination are concerned, he is legendary.”


speaking of breezy wolf,
he was just in hawaii and he looks…

this probably was been the reason:

10 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Supports Domestic Violence… But In A Good Way

  1. He does look really good in the pics from Hawaii…
    Looks like he’s getting that cute weight back on him…
    He needs to KEEP that haircut! Fits him sooooo much!

  2. I don’t get why there are updates on this guy here I know you dig him Jamari but this kid how he shows gays no love and does the things he does why do you give him admiration ? I’m kinda becoming 100% non tolerant of people who aren’t tolerant of us. This guy is just too immature and unginuine.

    1. ^he went to elton john’s party to watch the oscars last night.
      i hear they are tight.
      i know a few song writers/producers he is always working with who are gay.
      not to mention the other singers he hangs with who get down.
      he is an angry guy,
      but I don’t think he is a bad one.

      1. That still doesn’t cut it with me ok of course he is going to be in situations were there are people who will are around that are different gay straight bi etc etc especially in the industry but so of course in public someone like Chris brown would behave for lack of a better word but the whole frank ocean thing really got me saying F this guy

        his whole “NO HOMO” thing was a real wtf moment for me because I’ve seen straight ppl pull that shit all the time with gays to me that word is sets a clear difference between “them and us” a kind of supirior inferior thing

        Chris should just called him a faggot out right then at least he wouldve been very clear on where he stood according to what ppl are reporting he did

        Sorry I know I’m all over the place and to hell with punctuation I’m off today but I love this blog butjust don’t know why Jamari keeps giving someone who I think shows know regard to his gay fans exposure


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