The Fox, The Connect, and The “FAIL” Fashion Show

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.06.45 AMso i’m a little tite this morning.
i was all set to go to ^this fashion show next week.
well guess what?
it wasn’t next week.
its now in the “fail” pile of my life.
here is the reason why
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“Someone Get This Child and The Mother Please” – They All Thought.


beyonce’s facial tells me everything i need to know.
so kanye west had his adidas fashion show tonight in the city.
it explains the seating order.
as you can see,
the nanny must have requested time off so they had to bring north.
all hell broke loose as you can imagine with a cranky cub.
i hope a video soon.
anyway all the real a list showed up to support kanye.
and anna wintour.
here are some shots from his event…
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Kellon Deryck Does “House of Chapple”

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 10.18.41 PMso the house of chapple fashion show was tonight.
due to traffic,
backed up a million miles away,
a fox couldn’t make it.
i know.
well bae in the brain,
kellon deryck,
debuted his look for the show…
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Breezy Wolf Supports Domestic Violence… But In A Good Way

with all the bad,
comes a good breezy wolf story.

i’m sure the news won’t report that.
the foxhole will.
breezy wolf has done a good deed and raised some money.
the best part is it was for something he knows all to well.
it also involved him:

oh yes,
yes indeedy…

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Rihanna Fashion Show LIVE

who knew rihanna was a fashion designer?

she is putting her feet in everything.
are we mad?
well she had her very first fashion show for river island today…

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X Marks The F0x: Fashion Massacre

Who was the sly little Fox
running wild at a fashion show/after party last night @ The Finesse Massacre Fashion Show?

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