“Someone Get This Child and The Mother Please” – They All Thought.


beyonce’s facial tells me everything i need to know.
so kanye west had his adidas fashion show tonight in the city.
it explains the seating order.
as you can see,
the nanny must have requested time off so they had to bring north.
all hell broke loose as you can imagine with a cranky cub.
i hope a video soon.
anyway all the real a list showed up to support kanye.
and anna wintour.
here are some shots from his event…

who did she give north to?
i am so embarrassed for kim.
you don’t bring a cub to a fashion show.
look at anna’s body language.
you could she was not amused at all.
here are the looks from his show:

tumblr_njolrmoQrD1spraz2o1_1280 tumblr_njolrmoQrD1spraz2o2_1280 tumblr_njolrmoQrD1spraz2o3_1280 tumblr_njolrmoQrD1spraz2o4_1280…i guess the hispters have something to look forward to?
watch the full show:


lowkey: with all his ranting and campaigning,
i wonder if the fashion world finally let him in?
…and where was riccardo sitting?

*pictures credited to owners

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on ““Someone Get This Child and The Mother Please” – They All Thought.”

  1. What time was this show? A baby that young should be in bed by 7:30 or 8.A one year old needs to sleep 12-14 hrs a day including a nap.

  2. Im not impressed. Seen almost all that stuff at Urban outfitters and and H&M. All he did was put his name behind the logo I guess.

  3. It was probably her nap time but it was more important to bring a tired baby to a fashion show and seat her on the front row.

    Hey what’s going on with The Haves and Have Nots and Empire? Did you see the shows this week?

  4. Lol North was not having it.

    He would seat Kim right next to Anna Wintour and Beyonce just so he can brag about it later lol

    As far as the line, I’m not impressed either. He dresses Kim all the time but can’t come up with a decent menswear line?

    Where are the male fashion designers that cater to MEN of all sizes and walks of life?

    I’m so tired of men being more into women’s shoes and couture than men’s clothing and they themselves are men. They’re just undercover drag queens.

    1. Do you really have to ask that question? Look at all award shows. Look at the women and then look at the men. In the same boring suits but in different colors. Apparently, society dictates that men can’t wear hot stuff or else “its gay” or “leave that shit to females”. Whatever, that’s what I like about drag queens though, they give no fucks.

      1. thats the point though, men would have more choices if fashion designers catered to us just the same as they do women. and i agree drag queens give no fucks but not all men are or want to be a drag queen, shit im tall so its even harder for me.

  5. Both Beyonce and North are fed up with her mom’s attention whoring ways. If the fashion world hasn’t let him in yet, we’ll be hearing about it soon I’m sure. Can’t say I blame them if they don’t. Why are most of his clothes so plain looking. Even though I don’t really care for her, the reason Rihanna became such a fashion icon was because she wore a lot of high fashion stuff, and that high fashion stuff wasn’t just a bunch gigantic long-sleeved shirts. Looks like I can find all of his outfits at my local thrift store. And why the hell aren’t most of his models black. And I don’t mean Obama black, I mean Kanye black. Black models can’t even catch a break when the head designer is a black person.

  6. Anyone else notice that while everyone gives a standing ovation, Miss Wintour is just fastened to her seat.

    I would have stayed seated too if she was. If anyone can spot mediocrity, its her.

  7. That is by far the whackest clothing line I’ve seen in a while. That shyt looks like it was made by homeless people. I wouln’t pay a dime for that crap. THAT is not fashion….at least not for me. LOL
    Also, who the hell brings a child to a fashion show?! She probably saw her daddy and wanted to go to him, but they wouldn’t let her. That might be why she was crying and acting up. I understand it was her daddy’s show…but her lil’ ass shoulda been home in bed.

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