X Marks The F0x: Fashion Massacre

Who was the sly little Fox
running wild at a fashion show/after party last night @ The Finesse Massacre Fashion Show?

It was I,
Jamari Fox,
who made a guest appearance out of the Blue in V.I.P last night.
Surrounded by mutal friends and even mutual meat,
I felt more like a dog surrounded by alot of juicy bones.

In between all the Big Bad Wolves on stage and off,
I didn’t know whether to sit or stand.

Good show!
Especially, during the intro when those  beautiful men crawled out on stage.
(Oh, how I wish one was crawling into my Fox Hole later that night).

Here’s looking @ u….
Shout out to one of the toned bodied Big Bad Wolves
who was giving me a lot of eye candy and double the eye fuckin’.

Maybe at the next after party,
we definitely could play “Meet … and freak”.


Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

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