The Fox, The Connect, and The “FAIL” Fashion Show

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.06.45 AMso i’m a little tite this morning.
i was all set to go to ^this fashion show next week.
well guess what?
it wasn’t next week.
its now in the “fail” pile of my life.
here is the reason why

so my connect,
who may not be my connect anymore,
told me about that fashion show they were trying to attend.


it was hosted by creative edge public relations.
they specialize in my favorite topic.
baller wolves.
well it was going to benefit baller wolf for 49ers,
chris culliver:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.15.06 AM…and his charity.
as well as the walter thurmond foundation for arts and education.
wasn’t really here for chris and ( x his ignorance ) tho.

so i was told the show would also have various baller wolves walking in it.
rashed jennings may also have been in it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.18.34 AMPraisehe is represented by creative edge pr as well as chris.
you know i was alllllllllll set for to see THAT wolf in person.
i already had my outfit planned.
i was going to show up looking real:

christain grey/sex me on a grand piano

a little scruffy.
not too much.
my tom ford cologne on high def.
networking was the game plan on my end,
as well as to see a good show.
i was also write about it and put pictures for the foxhole.
ya know?

my connect told me it was next TUESDAY.
they told me not to buy my tickets on the weekend.

50 – reg
100 – vip

so as i am doing some research on it last night,
can you believe the fashion show was also LAST NIGHT??????????

tumblr_liwehenokN1qdl7roo1_500this was the full flyer:

ceprhhmeetscouture9web2jpgas you can see,
the first image above i was sent said “tueaday”.
so one would only assume.
its still ridiculous however way you slice it.
so i missed the show and all the baller wolves.
no rashad jennings.
no baller wolves.
no this:

this entire all star weekend for me is looking like a wash.
ima just have to take the “L” and learn this lesson for the near future.


im sure there will be more fashion shows for me in the future.
the foxhole is moving to higher heights and invites.

4b4dbbde691ededa59febc30989d694eno need to sweat the small stuff.
i hope the show went well!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Fox, The Connect, and The “FAIL” Fashion Show”

  1. You’re the one who didn’t confirm the date or look at a calendar. Jamari this is all your fault. As much as u thirst for “baller wolves” we would think you would have confirmed everything with a fine tooth comb. In this communication/entertainment bisiness you know to fact check EVERYTHING, even if someone says the sky is blue, check the facts. If u stop hounding Chris Brown every other day you probably would have noticed. What I also don’t get is you did a post about All-Star weekend, its in NY I’m sure its billboards advertising it everywhere so I’m sure u knew the dates

    1. How mean can you get? Honestly. Y’all love throwing shots while claiming to be trying to get a point a across. Damn shame. Yet, everyone tries to jump down my throat all the time.

      1. ^you know what man?
        I actually looked at it as constructive criticism.
        throwing shots isn’t a bad thing.

        first of all:
        hounding Chris brown?
        Every other day?
        2 entries?
        well shit if we really trying to be technical,
        chris brown needs to be hounded.
        he can hire me to hound his ass into legendary status.

        yeah I could have done more,
        but when you are told “wait don’t buy the ticket yet”,
        im going to sit down and wait.

        this was sponsored by that pr firm.
        It wasn’t advertised anywhere.
        there were no billboards on the train.
        it was sent to me via word of mouth.

        so what am I suppose to do?

    2. I definitely agree with the first line and second. Everything else you wrote was extra. Jamari, You should have checked. Honestly I think your connect didn’t want you to go. They probably didn’t want any competition with the baller wolves. I smell something messy about this. There’s no way they could have told you the wrong the date by accident. But I bet they went but they won’t tell you that. Watch who keep in your circle.

      1. ^but look at the original flyer at the top.
        It says “Tuesday February 13th”.
        that is the one that was sent to me originally in the email.
        It also said tuesday when I went to look into buying the ticket.
        On the site it even said “Tuesday”.
        I think my connect saw Tuesday and went with that tbh.

      2. All-Star weekend is over after the actual All-Star game itself on Sunday night. That flyer was just all sorts of wrong. SMH

  2. I’m sorry this happened man. To be honest, I think it would have been better to have attend an all-event, but I know you said the tickets were to high.

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