Will You Love Me Only One Day In The Year?

tumblr_mhd5e9anOD1rgpyeqo1_500i’m about to confess something.
are you ready?
oh and don’t judge me!
i’m ready now.
here goes…

“i’ve never had a valentine’s before”
















P9Zt8se…with vixens as well.
i mean unless you count friends.
i never dated vixens around v-day for whatever reason.
i always wanted to experience valentine’s day.
as a fox.
you know what i mean!
the edible arrangements delivered to you job.
the rose petals scattered about on the bed.
him eating my bunz like its his last meal for breakfast.

tumblr_mzx28icNcQ1ske259o1_500le sigh.
its has never happened.

valentine’s day is a tricky holiday tho.
you gotta really pay attention tho.
its the one day in the year people front on “love”.
they will hearts and flowers to a damn fuck buddy.
after today,
people will still get cheated on.

“well you maybe with him every other day,
but i have him on all the important days.” the wife to the jump off.

bitch he is still cheating on you.

in this life of ours,
if you don’t have anyone,
you either:

a) find some random to fuck
b) treat a continuous fuck like your man for the day
c) be alone

for me this year,
and the other years,
it has been “c”.
i guess you can say i’ve grown into being alone.
no one will love me like i’m trying to love myself.

so for those who happen to be alone today,
instead of feeling sad and suicidal,
look in the mirror and tell yourself:


74332-justin-bieber-SWAG-gif-YRH91so what this is a day for “couples”?
this is a day about “love” right?
so love YOU.
this should the one day to TREAT YOSELF,
eat whatever you want,
and continue to show yourself the love money can’t buy.
well wait…
money can soften the blow…
hell if you want to stay in bed all day then do it.
do whatever you love to do.
sometimes thats the only way instead of driving yourself crazy.
oh and don’t look at social media and feel left out.
please don’t even look there.
most of these same people gonna be complaining in a week about:

“my ignorant ass baby daddy/mama”
“that fuck ass pineapple”
“fuck that bitch”

hell imagine being a wife of a baller wolf during valentine’s day…
on all star weekend
especially with (she)jackals around?
omg worse:


kim-kardashian-crying-phone-cellphone-so-mad1thats enough to get you together.
so smile and enjoy!

happy valentine’s day foxhole!

19 thoughts on “Will You Love Me Only One Day In The Year?

  1. Eh, I’m really indifferent to Valentine’s Day altogether.

    Never had a Valentine and this day reaffirms my idea I’m really not the relationship type.

    I will not feed into the random texts from people wanting some attention to make themselves feel better. I also will not be one of those obviously bitter people dumping on other people’s relationship or situationship or whatever.

    When people make instagram posts like “All the ugly people have someone today” and “Your man will be back to cheating on you tomorrow.”, they look so bitter and pathetic. Is that going to make your situation more bearable?

    So what if couples want to put ongoing problems in their relationship aside for the day?! So what if someone has found someone to spend the day with?

    Take your lonely ass somewhere and light a candle and read an Iyanla Vanzant book.

    I do enjoy the sweets today though. lol

  2. I can appreciate this holiday even though I never had a valentine myself because when I get mine, oh trust is going to be like the best fucking Valentine’s Day anyone’s ever experienced. All I did today so far was went to work,went to the gym, and now about to do homework. Keeping my money, body, and education up that’s me today.

  3. As we always see on the foxhole when someone is going through something, chances are its so many others going through the same thing or can relate. I have documented my Valentines day massacre a couple years ago on the foxhole so go through the foxhole archives if you must LOL! Anyway I remember on last year on the foxhole, I wrote about a Valentine date I was going on, it turned out really nice and I sort of fell for this dude, but a year later he is no where to be found but such is Gay Life in these times we live in. I aint never really had that special Valentine either, and I aint gone lie that shit hurts at times, and this year I am feeling some kind of way about it. I am sort of crushing on a str8 dude at this time, but was not brave enough to write about it on that entry you had a couple of days ago about crushing on str8 dudes, it hit too close to home-(dont judge a pineapple) Lol. We be doing this heavy ass flirting/texting all day everyday, and you guessed it, aint heard from his ass today, yes he does have a girl so I guess I aint getting no time today. Damn I dont know how these jumps-off do this shit every holiday. Well I also had 2 gay THOT’S to hit me up trying to hook up for the night, the V-Day struggle is real. I think I am going to get some good food and make it a Netflixx night. Happy V-Day Foxhole.

      1. Man knock me in my damn head and put some sense back in my head LoL. I think Im just enjoying the attention after all the drama dealing with Gay dudes, Str8 dudes are so damn chill and simple. I think this dude just likes the idea that he can talk about anything with me, I think he has to know about me but he has never said anything and I like sports, still flirt with vixens all the time when we go out so I guess he just let his guard down with me. I just need to be careful because when they start to open up and you start to feel some kind of way it can lead to some awkward moments, and it dont help that this dude is nice on the eyes, maybe in another lifetime.

  4. Well I’ll be honest I have not been looking forward to this day. It seems lately I have been dreading all the major holidays, because they remind me I don’t have anyone. But i honestly have been working on this “love yourself” thing. It ain’t always easy to put things in that perspective though. The heart wants what it wants.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, TVTwin. I’m in the same boat. I never have either and it’ll make all the more special when I finally have that dude to spend it with. I’m headed to the gym. When it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

  6. I’m sorry, but I never took Valentine’s Day that serious. One of the most blatantly obvious corporate tools to get money out of you.

    If you have someone for today that’s great, but if you don’t there is no reason to get depressed about it. See it this way, more money in your pocket.

  7. That’s exactly what I said to myself when I looked in the mirror this morning!!! How did you know J?

    This year is all about me, I know it sounds selfish but oh well. Just got a job that pays more than what I was expecting but that’s not really what I want. I’ll open my business, go back to school, start doing some artsy stuff and if a wolf or hybrid happen to come my way that’s a bonus BUT it’s not my priority this year J.

    Let’s be honest when we say we are looking for love, we are not actually looking for love we are just looking for someone to fill a void deep inside us, at least in my case that’s what it is.

    My last “relationship” thought me a lot about myself. I didn’t want to be alone so I was putting up with a lot of bs. I still miss his fat ass though lol, miss hitting it from the back. But I think I have to work on myself first.

    1. ^”Let’s be honest when we say we are looking for love, we are not actually looking for love we are just looking for someone to fill a void deep inside us, at least in my case that’s what it is.”

      soooo deep!
      you are well on your way and such an inspiration!
      thank you for sharing this.

  8. This is the third Valentine’s Day in a row I have been single. *tear rolls down face* Nah, I’m kidding. When you are in a relationship tho, everyday is Valentine’s Day. I spoils mine all year around. I wanted to send something to the guy I have been crushing on, but he is a Jamacian, so I didn’t know how he would take it lol. I was going to come out of pocket for him tho.

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