The Online Attention Whore Who Was Full of Shit

largecan i tell you what one of my fantasies is?
cum closer.
i don’t want everyone to hear.
it’s meeting one of the fine attention whores offline.
probably one of the instagram “herbanut” cult members,
with about 500+ likes on every picture,
with the muscles,
“you know you’ll let me smash” pictures,
and the “i’m 100% straight” disclaimers.
uh huh don’t front!
those are usually the best ones to smash!
well nothing could turn me off more…
than what one of my readers experienced meeting one of them recently…

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WOLF MEAT: f0xmail edition (317)

75324f6cdd19cc3e811e2b9da22000a1faf53_7that is just one of the foxmails from my wolf assologist.
he always sends me fresh cakes for display.
below is one from a graduation he recently attended…

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mental homework: (14)

how is everyone’s sunday?
good i hope.
well i wanted to ya’ll to think of someone iceed left in:

Smelly Dick, Smelly Dick, What Are They Feeding You?

this is for the foxes out there.
it’s all the steps in keeping those butt cheeks clean and fresh.
you always want to present a juicy treat for your wolf.
this is what he said…

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First of all,
the weather is extremely disrespectful today.
It is HOT as hell.

do people shower?
I mean, do they really shower?

I walked past a Vixen earlier: STANK.
I walked past a Wolf earlier: STANK.

In the summertime,
you got to do a little bit more.
You can’t just roll out of bed and walk outside.
Especially in 100 degree weather.
So cum on in…

So, let’s get fresh

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Would you stick your tongue in this?

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Would my Wolves eat these cakes?

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