they want joe biden in that white house (and they might get him)

i’m not really impressed with the candidates of this upcoming election.
if i had to pick,
i’d go with bernie sanders.
joe biden is a heavy last on my list.
well who gives af what i think,
uncle joe is sweeping up these votes after yesterday’s “super tuesday“…

The Democratic presidential contest is now a two-man race.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders went into Super Tuesday the front-runner, but it was Joe Biden’s night. The former vice president rode a surge of momentum out of his big win in South Carolina on Saturday and established himself squarely as the principal alternative to Sanders.

Biden won a majority of states, including Texas, Tuesday night. Sanders is projected to win California, but with votes still being counted there it’s unclear which candidate will emerge with a delegate lead.

why do i feel like black folks are only voting for biden to get obama back?
they are dragging bernie for this ad he put out about obama today:

people felt it wasn’t a good move on his part,
but i guess he did it because he was getting cornered.
something about joe doesn’t seen genuine,
but i need folks to realize we will just be getting joe biden.
barack obama has checked out and is enjoying his retirement.
i liked what i saw of joe as a vice president,
but to run this country?
at this point…

Is anyone better than Trump?

joe has said the first thing he is gonna focus on ( x is lbgt+ rights ).
i guess his focus is securing the blacks before that happens.

low-key: as long as bloomberg sits his ass down.
he was awful in new yawk.
folks ain’t forget.

article cc: npr

9 thoughts on “they want joe biden in that white house (and they might get him)

  1. I’ve been rooting for Warren since before she announced she was running. She has more balls than Bidden or Sanders combined. But of course I’m ‘voting blue no matter who’ to get that orange orangutang tRump OUT!

  2. Biden seems authentic to me…..I feel like Sanders is the one inauthentic. Seeing as how he used Obama in the pathetic ad, makes it even more obvious.

  3. Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropping out really helped consolidate the moderate vote behind Biden. Biden would’ve probably lost states like Massachusetts and Minnesota if they were still in it.

    Honestly, at this point I don’t care who wins. Not saying I was going to vote for any of them, but I’m still bothered by the fact that all the candidates of color had to end their campaigns super early because they struggled to get funding. Why? All of them were just as qualified if not more so than who we still have running right now. How is that someone like Buttigieg is able to get so far? He’s never been in charge of anything of significant size or importance. It’s amazing how low the bar is for some people.

  4. God help us all!!! This country is screwed up!! Biden seems to have a screw loose. If he wins it’ll just be the lesser of two evils!!

    1. I’ll take Biden over Trump any day. Trump has no regard for the laws of this country and he thinks he’s above them and that’s problematic af.

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