it’s safe to assume nicki minaj picked low hanging fruit to be her husband?

of all the males nicki minaj could have gotten with,
in an industry that would have any male at her feet,
she gets with low hanging fruit.
i don’t get it.
2020 has been kind of her because this happened to her husband,
kenneth petty via “e news“…

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty has surrendered to federal authorities after failing to register as a sex offender.

E! News has confirmed through the United States Attorney’s Office of Los Angeles that Petty surrendered to federal authorities and was taken into custody today. Petty’s initial appearance and arraignment will be at 2 p.m. today in Downtown L.A.

According to court documents, filed on Feb. 25 and obtained by E! News, Petty was indicted by a grand jury for failure to register as a sex offender.

you mean to tell em she has been walking around,
taking all these pics,
with someone who failed to register as a sex offender????
i mean…


has it come to this?
i know most of us don’t like being single,
but is it that rough out here?
geez louise.
she loves him tho and continues to prove on ig that she’s sticking with him.
i hope it’s all worth it in the end.

low-key: have you noticed that all these “bad bitches” and “divas” make bad men choices?
in songs,
they give so much life,
but it differs from who they are outside of it all.

article cc: e news

16 thoughts on “it’s safe to assume nicki minaj picked low hanging fruit to be her husband?

  1. Interesting how the Barbs are either silent or in the situation room trying to save face and run cover for Nicki. The fact is that he was 16 at the time of his conviction. He went to prison for 4years for attempted rape in which he tried to rape another teen at knifepoint. He also did a decade in prison for first-degree manslaughter. In total this dude has 12 whole-ass mugshots with various police organizations in new york. He was basically a career criminal. Nicki is domineering and castrating. She wants a lap dog and a dependent that she can control because she can’t handle a successful man operating at her fame and financial level. So she gets herself an ex-con nigga with no job or prospects to be her attack dog all while trying to convince the public and her exe’s that she’s happy. She is a huge star and is very talented and successful, yet like most women, makes basic bitch choices when it comes to men. With her brother just being sentenced for felony statutory rape just a few weeks ago, the optics of this are TERRIBLE for her. After all these weeks of shoving him down peoples throats, the public and social media are having a field day clowning her. She may as well annul this marriage and save face and pray she doesnt have another flopped album.

    1. ^that’s what you get about him when you research his name in google.
      if i’m wrong,
      i’ll stand corrected.
      if google is wrong,
      nicki can have all that information wiped.
      simple as that,
      but i’ll let the barbz have their moment.

      1. The Barbz have no moment. They just need to accept that there is something in their queen that is flawed and has her out here losing by consistently making poor choices in men. She may really love this guy but the truth is, when you are on Nicki’s level, you dont get to choose soley with you heart. It becomes a huge pr, branding,and financial decision when you’re rich and famous Nowadays, with tangible success being so tied into your public persona, the fact that she married a man with this much baggage is mind-blowing. And the fact that she’s been flaunting him like he’s a hedge-fund manager is cringe worthy.

  2. I don’t understand why you have such a bias towards Nicki Minaj. It’s tacky. She’s in love and I’m sure his offense over 20 years ago wasn’t the first topic of discussion and doesn’t dominate their relationship. I hope you can get over whatever issues you have with her

      1. So he was ~16? Eh… Idk how i feel about labeling him as a rapist… Idk dont drag me 🤔

      2. Jamari he was minor along with the girl. Her parent pressed charges. Damn you still doing biased reporting and wonder why you can’t keep a job lmao because you half ass everything

          1. Ijs… you’re blogging is not like it used to be it’s coming off very amateurish and petty. Kinda like you didn’t finish school.

          2. ^i didn’t finish school so you got that right LOL

            you are adorable,
            you know that?
            thanks for the comments and i hope that one day we can have a real conversation without insults.
            a sign of maturity is how one can handle a debate without hitting below the belt.
            you are still very young and have a lot to learn.
            i hate for all of this to be happening over a celebrity neither of us personally know.

            enjoy the rest of your night tho love!

          3. Awwe.. you’re right.. you are much older than me, I’m not 40 years old nor am I still complaining about being accepted ! So maturity is not what you want to talk about. You keep getting fired and haven’t figured out UR the problem. You loose 2-3 jobs yearly I bet in real life ur attitude is something else

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