it’s a “i hate everything” kinda of day!

have i had a day.
i knew it would be a doozy when i woke up.
so i’ve been sick for the last week.
it has gotten significantly better,

…this dry cough is excruciating.
running nose,
worn down feeling,

and i’ll go to these coughing fits that don’t stop even when i drink something.

i got some new health ins through the state and they offer “teladoc“.
in the afternoon,
i called to have a doctor FT me.

Good news?
i don’t have the coronavirus.

Bad news?
i do have a upper respiratory tract infection.

i ended up getting prescribed medicine for it.
the issue is that my old pharmacy doesn’t take my health insurance.
i’ve been in this phone tag hell just to transfer my medicine to a new pharmacy today.
right now,
i’ve been sitting on hold for the last 20 minutes waiting for someone to help me.

i’ve been feeling mentally,
and emotionally drained with life and everything happening in the world.
everywhere i turn,
they are scaring tf outta me about this coronavirus.
life right now just sucks.
i haven’t had a haircut since nola so i look how i feel.
i swear,
that nola trip ended up being the worst thing i coulda done.


at the end of last year,
i had a job even though it was abusive one.
i was trying to get with this wolf i had my interest in.
he was making moves,
although slow af,
but he was on the verge of clappin these cheeks rigorously.
he has gone rogue and i’m left thinking of him all the gaddamn time.
my life had some kind of meaning but now…

i’ve been getting into meditation and working with my crystals as of late.
something has got to give in my life.
i feel lost af.

low-key: can someone please pray and send some good energy for me?
i need it.

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2 thoughts on “it’s a “i hate everything” kinda of day!”

  1. Hey J!

    So a couple of things. I had a rough day as I came to a personal revelation about myself that really upset me and I’m trying to rectify. Today was a REALLY bad day. So the retrograde is going up the Zodiac, with today transitioning from Pisces to Aquarius and I heard that the energies may be off. Can anyone else relate to that today specifically? I had to take a mental health day tmrw so I don’t completely lose it. Hang in there man. It’s just the ebbs and flows of life.

    1. ^omg that’s how it has been for me.

      no cap,
      but i literally bawled today.
      when i sitting on hold and no one answered me after calling about 5 times,
      i broke.
      i have been so sick and when i finally get some medicine to help me get back to normal,
      i was being excluded.

      energy has been OFF.
      i am so tired of everything!
      i thought about you today too.
      ya know what?
      i’m glad you are taking a mental health day.
      you hang in as well.

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