tops are sick of bottom’s shit (literally)

wolves are fighting back ya’ll.
they are sick of foxes and even some of the hybrids out here.
we been wanting the pipe,
but some of us ain’t cleaning out our insides for it.
a foxholer sent me this one snow wolf wanted to let his disdain be known…

not rice and corn beef.

ain’t no fox,
or “bottom curious” wolf should be painting anyone in 2020.
never say never,
but i hope i never paint anymore who gets in my guts.
i always hope sex with me is an enjoyable and hygienic experience.
my virgo moon won’t allow otherwise.
the day The Universe blesses me with some dick,
that’s the day ima fart Mr. Clean.
it’s gonna be spotless in my hallway.
 i feel i need to post this again:


dl foxes,
some of them are notorious for this.
the ones who think they have a pussy.
even pussy has to be clean sir.

low-key: i had a dl wolf tell me he was sick of dl foxes just shitting on him.
he didn’t mind them not being able to take dick,
but when they shit on him,
it was a wrap.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “tops are sick of bottom’s shit (literally)”

  1. Im Im see some good info in here. Also, warming about excessive douching which can mess up the natural process.

    Also, Tops need to clean their asses too but as someone pointed out, you see how a lot of folks obsess over these straight dudes sagging and talking about they wanna eat they asses… A lot of men don’t know how to not only wash their ass, but wipe it.

    Imma just say, Not to get to detailed, I take care of my ass well, not for the sake of sex but for the sake of health. I mainly douched for fears of colon cancer and what not but I don’t douche anymore since it can mess up stuff.

    I have a high fiber and balanced diet, and would prefer detox pills over an actual bottle. Let whatever come out come out, then take a self cleaning shower afterwards. Sometimes I soak in natural scents and my ass smells lovely.

    I’d also avoid any product (including wet wipes) that has fragrance in it. Fragrance can be a lot of stuff, including a mixture of chemicals to obtain a certain scent. You really wanna be wiping your ass with that?

    I recommend also cutting down on the processed food if you eat it heavily. Your insides will become rotten…

    You’d be surprised that the average person can have up to 20 pounds of feces sitting in the colon like a septic tank…. Especially if you eat a lot junk.

    Also as someone else said earlier…Some people are just nasty. I was making a joke about gay men talking about straight niggas be having the fattest asses but straights be the nastiest asses. Big ass, too lazy to wipe properly and clean all up in there, shit stains in their underwear, wearing a pair of pants, a pair of gym shorts and some boxers concealing a compartment of funk.

    I would not blame a single woman for not wanting to lick a man’s ass at all. Despite how muscled it looks.

    Musty and Musky are two different things. Freaky and Funky are also two different things.

    Tops also need to wash their dicks which can also be funky. Wish my bf would come off the court or from gym with raw balls… Go put some Irish Spring or Homemade Soap.

    When I lived in Texas, one of my old friends said he had this Spanish dude ridding him and he was bouncing up and down then he felt something wet but didn’t take notice of it thinking it was what gay men falsely call ass creaming. They were fuking in the dark but he didn’t take notice until the stench caught his nose…. Yep, the boy shitted all over him and the bed.

    That had to be one of the worse stories ever mentioned.

  2. Fleet could (over time) cause irritation, an allergic reaction, or strip your lining. Y’all really only need warm water – squeeze it up there, hold, push out, repeat until clear. Otherwise, yes, please clean your ish. And my fellow wolves, remember it takes time for a clean booty, but it’s worth it lol

  3. It’s fascinating how when it comes to hygiene, everyone focuses on Bottoms but no one ever gives Tops the same kind of hell. If a Bottom must suck a tops dick, what makes you think a bottom should suck a dirty, smelly one? And Tops should wash their asses too cause odors travel. The playing field for Hygiene needs to be equal.

    Oh and one more thing, you’re sticking your dick inside of an butthole, shit happens You can clean all day and all night and if that dick hits a certain spot, anything can happen. To act like that can’t happen is deceiving yourself and if one is gonna go nuts because an accident could happen, then they don’t need to be fucking anyone in the ass. Period.

  4. doing hook ups is like a fucking job. to much goes into only to be disappointment in the sex.

  5. Gurl bye, if tops don’t want shit on their dick there are two things they have to do.

    1 Is stop fucking DL dudes. they chase these dudes around because they don’t act gay . Yes sir they truly don’t act gay and will shit on you to prove it.

    Stop being so fucking impatient. Stop getting mad or straight cancelling because someone wants to prepare themselves.

    On a side note I can see why they are tops. Have you ever deep fingered yourself to make sure don’t have any hidden surprises and turned yourself on? Girl it feels nice up in there.

    1. I had a guy cancel on me because he said I took too long. I explained that this was a process and that I need to make sure I was good. I was so upset because it took me about an hour to make sure I was fully clean. Using that fleet bottle starts to hurt after a while.

  6. I’ve been topping for the last two years and this generation of men, I won’t say bottoms but men have to be the nastiest I’ve seen.

    Either the generation before us didn’t care about shit or niggas just don’t wash their asses. Nothing but shit.

    I remember one time a nigga let me finger him and I’m and I found out he had a ass full of shit and I made him smell it. Why tf you letting me touch you with a dirty ass and why isn’t your ass cleaned.

    Also, I dated someone featured on this blog before and he asked me to eat it and you can see nothing but shit in his hole. You have to clean your asses guys. Seriously.

  7. What’s the best product to use these days….some of our youngsters and DL foxes need a tutorial, J

    1. ^honestly,
      a fleet bottle and some warm water is enough.
      make sure the water coming out of you is clear and you are good.

      making sure you are on a proper diet is helpful too.

  8. Bottoms need to learn how to clean properly and Tops need to understand that it’s not a pussy so popping up randomly with not notice or just sticking your dick into random assholes will lead to shitty preparation lol. I cant tell you how many times in the past when I’ve told someone thst i had to get ready and they were upset because they didnt understand the process. Also if yohr diet is high in Water and fiber you can prepare faster. They even made PURE just for that purpose

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