to my special one.

in 2002-03ish,
after wandering in the city all day,
a friend “who i don’t know anymore” suggested we go to toys r us that was in time square.
she wanted to meet up with a girl who worked there that she met online.
i didn’t want the day to end so i was down.
when i first saw the girl we were meeting,
i said to myself:

she looks really stressed out and over it.
SEE this is why I don’t do retail.”


“I really dig this girl’s energy,
but we will probably never see each other again.”

The Universe made sure that wouldn’t happen.
a year or two later,
we reconnected on the blogging platform,
she hopped in my comments and i did the same in hers.
we would write entries about our frustrations and loneliness.
the folks who broke our hearts; the ones who got away.
the main theme for us was trying to find that perfect love.
toys r us and that friend “who i don’t know anymore” both brought us stress,
and ironically don’t exist any longer either,
but they were the starting point in planting the seed for this friendship to grow.
when i look back at the first time we met until now,
i ask myself:

Who knew from that moment we met that our “us” would become this?

i get to write another story on my own platform about us.
last sunday in brooklyn,
she got married to your soulmate…

…and what a beautiful soulmate she is.
you know how some friends are sketch on whoever their friends are with?
sully is all good in my hood.
she has such a beautiful spirit and has made a tremendous impact on my person.

I love you Sulllllllly.

watching her walk down that path to get to the stairs where they exchanged their vows,
which i took as “nowhere to go but up“,
it made me proud and emotional to see my lil’ big sister take this big leap in her life.


you continue to show the world that you can’t and won’t be stopped.
you have gotten back all that the amazingness that you put out.
every trial and tribulation led up to this point.
life “beez” like that.
you have grown into such a beautiful and powerful woman.
you are a WHOLE wife now!!!
holy guacamole!!
how truly amazing is this???

Remember writing on Xanga that you didn’t think love would ever happen for you?

The Universe made sure that would happen for you.
i’m so blessed to have you in my life.
you continue to inspire me.
i realized on your wedding day that true love is out there.
it’s easy to find if your heart is open.
not only that but with hard work and dedication:

Everything I desire,
including myself,
is out there too.

even though you are married now,
you will always be my special gal.
may we both continue to grow younger together.
i love you.

lowkey: next up for us is meeting rihanna.
i want that to be my biggest present to you.
i’m always grateful that you chose me to attend her concert.
you already know when i call you with “guess what” that means to get dressed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “to my special one.”

  1. I love this… congratulations to everyone and I wish them a long happy marriage. Happy Pride!

  2. I can’t wait to make a post like this for my best friend! <3
    You are so lucky to have a TRUE friendship!

  3. This made my Week!!!!! I Love is Winning!!!

    BTw You look great(smile) ha ha

  4. Congrats to your friend! And congrats to you both for maintaining such a long friendship.

  5. Congratulations to your Dear friend and this was beautiful. I love to see longterm friendships that develop over time. God bless you both as you evolve

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