according to shaggy, the gays are only committing hate crimes against each other in jamaica

i think some jamaican males can be sexy,
but they are a lot to deal with.
they do come with a lot and can have you here down bad.
i’ve heard the meats can be chef’s kiss,
but you might have to throw away the rest of the human.
one raging stereotype about jamaicans males:

They be homophobic af

sometimes they’ll be homophobic af,
but will still be trying to fuck the shit outta you.

reggae artist,
wanted to let us know that in jamaica,

that it isn’t the straight jamaican males that are committing hate crimes.
it’s actually “gay on gay” crimes of passion…

Because despite homosexuality still being considered illegal and punishable with up to 10 years in prison in Jamaica, Shaggy, who identifies as straight, insists things really aren’t that bad for LGBTQ people there.

“If you look at it, if you look at the ratio for people who live in Jamaica compared to homosexual crimes, most of it is crime of passion, homosexuals against homosexuals,” he said without citing any sources.

He made similar remarks in 2015, when he told Global News: “We don’t have all this gay-bashing crime. You don’t see that. It’s not there. That is not really happening in Jamaica.”

Gays and lesbians should have the same rights as anybody else and when they’re in Jamaica, they do have the same rights. Nobody’s going around trying to kill them.”

i haven’t rolled my eyes this hard in a minute.

Are you drunk?

you can try to fool these americans if you want to.
reggae has talked about killing gay males since the beginning of time.
the beat for “chi chi man” from tok is everything,
but let’s not try to hide the lyrics sir:

From dem a par inna chi chi man car
Blaze di fire mek we bun dem!!!! (Bun dem!!!!)
From dem a drink inna chi chi man bar
Blaze di fire mek we dun dem!!!! (Dun dem!!!!)

sidebar: reggae gold albums use to be everything.
they should bring them back in streaming.

other reggae songs have spoken explicitly about their hate for anything gay.
it’s legit what drove many islands to accept homophobia.
now i don’t know if jamaica has changed in these last few years,
or decades,
so he could be right.

Jamaican Foxhole: Is Jamaica a “gay on gay” hate country now?

it’s funny how shaggy was able to see how being treated unfairly sucks:

Speaking to Soundchat Radio, the Grammy Award winner was asked whether he’s ever felt unfairly demonized simply because he comes from a country that Time magazine once declared “the most homophobic place on Earth.”

“Clearly,” he said, “On every level.”

I’ll tell you how bad it is. We were doing promo and I was supposed to go on a television show, and we put in request… And they did not accept me based on the fact that I was from Jamaica, and they were saying that I represent homophobia.”

He added, “Now, there is no track record of me doing this.  But just the fact that I’m a reggae artist, right, and this is a mainstream television show and–it was me and Sting–and they wouldn’t mind keeping Sting, but I couldn’t come on because of that.”

i enjoy it when people get a lesson in experiencing what others may feel.
we hope they can learn and treat others with human decency going forward.
not saying shaggy is this person,
but i love when an asshole gets a good life lesson in “get it together“.
it really moisturizes my skin and curries my chicken.

article cc: queerty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “according to shaggy, the gays are only committing hate crimes against each other in jamaica”

  1. I used to work with this Jamaican woman named Radiant and she told me of a boy who died in Jamaica who was buried. After the community found out he was gay, they dug up his body and dropped at the doorstep of his parents. West Indians (esp the older generations) are homophobic. Full stop.

    1. ^ this is what i be talmbout.

      that homophobia tricked down to their gen x and millennial children.
      i don’t know what shaggy is selling but i advise folks not to buy it.

    2. Jamaicans in general are just a gutter trash group of “humans”. I don’t know why anyone bothers paying that barbaric group of animals any attention. Jamaicans just disgust me yo.

      1. Wtf is wrong with you. It’s one thing to call out inhumane behaviour and homophobia but let us not denigrate an entire people of a specific nationality.

        Many West Indian cultures holds homophobic ideals not just Jamaicans. Not to excuse Jamaican homophobes for their violence at gay men and transwomen though.

  2. I be getting dragged for saying homophobic straight black people be sounding a helluva lot like racist white folks, but it is true. LOL all you have to do is change a few words and voila!!!

    “We don’t have all this gay-bashing crime. You don’t see that. It’s not there. That is not really happening in Jamaica.”

    We don’t have all this [talk about anti-black racism] You don’t see that. It’s not there. That is not really happening in [the UK].

    “If you look at it, if you look at the ratio for people who live in Jamaica compared to homosexual crimes, most of it is crime of passion, homosexuals against homosexuals…”

    If you look at it, if you look at the ratio for people who live in [the US] compared to [black] crimes, most of it is [black-on-black crime]…

    Y’all see…????

    1. I clocked this too! He sounds like the SAME gaslighting white people who black people love to cry about wherever racism is discussed. Ignoramous heterosexual black people NEVER cease to amuse me.

      The irony of it all.

    2. UK people are lame in general. The UK is one of the most lamest, dullest, blandest countries ever. British people of any race are lame, dull, bland.

      In terms of jamaicans don’t get me started on those island monkeys. On god I swear I hate those people. jamaicans have nasty, stank attitudes, they’re two faced, they smell like shit. Like they LITERALLY STANK. They’re the most overrated Caribbean country ever. The women are all overweight and the men are multiple baby-mama making bums. I wish jamaica would sink into the ocean and every jamaican on this planet would die off. They make me sick. Like just looking at shaggy’s face right now revolts me.

  3. I’m not xenophobic, but as a black American, I do not care about black relations outside of ADOS culture. I never cared what foreign blacks thought of black Americans. I don’t care about Jamaica. God care for the gays there, but that’s is their cross to bear.

    1. “I’m not xenophobic…” * proceeds to write a small paragraph that would suggest otherwise *

      Bruh, I’m a fellow Black American/FBA/ADOS who’s proud of my lineage, but this coment was some straight up bullshit!

    2. And this is why your little “ADOS” movement will go nowhere. Oh, and btw – Jamari isn’t “ADOS” either.

      1. I’m african American. I guess that makes me ados? What is ados or fba? I’m in my 50s, so I was born a negro to formerly colored parents, became an Afro-American as a child, and black as a preteen. Although I stayed black, at adulthood, I became African American (never been to Africa). I believe my grandparents lived as colored until the late 1950s. Theirs were born as Niggers and became colored.

        I was honestly hoping white cynicism would not influence our name again. So, now what does our new name mean?

    3. Completely agree with you! Other Black Americans need to get over this “we are all black/people of color unity” that is a lie. As someone who lives in NY, all I here is Caribbean and African groups gave a deep seated hate fo Black Americans. Yet Black Americans are starving for acceptance from other cultures that we accept them as our own. And of coarse if the person is attractive, the gays will come always want to claim someone. I have no hate towards those groups even through they have serious internal issues with us. But I’m stand in my own ethnic group and refuse to place any other culture or standard of beauty, above Black Americans.

  4. At this point it’s laughable, Don’t people get by now “we” are EVERYWHERE?! lol you’ll never “kill” “burn up” or get “rid” of all the gay folk! Even if these people magically could detect and “snap away” gay folk, they’d GAG when they see some of their closet friends, family members, children & even SPOUSES were gone, again we are EVERYWHERE & we don’t have one “look” lol…fools

  5. I honestly get a feeling, with my third eye and intuition, that Shaggy was trying to throw some shade at the hyper-homophobia in Jamaica. “Crimes of passion” as the people that be the most homophobic and violent be the main ones trying to do gay stuff or in the closet. At least, that’s what I picked up energetically about Shaggy’s comment and what I HOPE he meant. I dunno yall, it;’s Mercury Retrograde and a Gemini Solar Eclipse happening right now, so Im not surprised folks gonna be misunderstood, misspeak, put they foot in they mouths, and/or tell on themselves.

  6. Chile is he serious? I have heard some real horror stories from Jamaica, I feel so bad for them. I have always wanted to go to the carribean but the homophobia has always put me off from biting the bullet and soaking some sun.

    I love it too when people feel what others they didn’t care about felt, but it is going to take more than that for them to learn. I am of the opinion that people only know their on struggles and nothing else matters, they feel that their trials and tribulations are the worst and nothing else should matter until their problems are fixed.

    This is why White Women are so clueless that they are being problematic and ignorant about the black struggles, especially black women’s or straight black people dismiss the struggles of the lgbt+ (inculding the white ones) or white men that were abused all their life and ended up homeless and drug addicts think minorities have faced nothing compared to them.

    That is why I took so much offence to that white woman and pride SNL skit with Bill Burr, the audacity… If people really wanted to, they could take out all their books and have a never ending debate about who’s plight started first and how 4 years is nothing compared to 400 years and wether 400 years is even that much time in comparison to the existence of mankind or which group suffered the most deaths. But that is wrong I think, sidenote I was happy that finally black people weren’t the butt of the joke for once.

  7. I think we should worry about America and its race its issues period what takes place in another country isnt our problem this why we always have wars let’s take care of home

    1. lol you are doing this on purpose. trying to start shit. you are clearly Res1 using a different name.

      i can tell by how unhinged your comment is. you ain’t slick muhfucka.

    2. We can take care of issues at home and still show empathy and compassion to others…
      While the homophobia/transphobia in Jamaica is primary the Jamaican LGBT communities cross to bare, we can show solidarity and spread awareness of their flight. Cuz at the end of the day, homophobia/transphobia in the global black community is something black LGBTs can all relate to and have impacted by.

        1. There are definitely some trolls in these comments. Oh well, on the bright side, they are give Jamari’s site foot traffic. lol

      1. Yeah except for ‘compassion’ and ’empathy’ for jamaicans. They’re disgusting and all deserve any pain that comes their way. Stop caping for that gutter country and the gutter jamaican people scattered across this earth. I hate humans in general but I swear that group of monkeys are the worst.

  8. Can’t we all just get along? Gay people have it hard EVERYWHERE. Can we NOT bash a predominantly-black country.

    While I agree with many of the sentiments expressed (anti lgbtq+ in Jamaica) it stung to read all of this anti Jamaica rhetoric. And this is coming from a black Southerner (Atlanta) whose parents are from Alabama.

    We in the African diaspora need more love, not hate, amongst ourselves.

    Yes, it hurts to be called a “batty boi.” Still we have to transcend hurt and not become the monsters that tormented us.

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