fredo_llh shows us what light skin, muscular, tatted up, droppin’ jailbird dick privilege is like

when fredo aka fredo_llh made his debut on marvin bienaime a few years ago,
i had a feeling he was gonna pop.
he is the “light skin,
tatted up,
droppin’ jailbird dick” trope that tends to do well within the life.
as soon as he dropped an onlyfans,
he became the new “it wolf’ within many foxholes.
judging from his content,
it seems like there is nothing he won’t do for the bag.

i’m waiting for him to put the whole camera up his ass.

i think he done put his fingers in his mouth after posting this on twitter…

it confused me why he even tweeted that.
some of these folks online need a publicist.
they get access to all this social fame but fuck it up doing too much yappin’.

Fredo is someone who should “do” and not “speak”.

especially when he has been arrested for “not respecting boundaries” his damn self:

in a nutshell,
he fonted that some gay males are desperate af when it comes to straight onlyfans creators.
during pride,
his contribution was to tell those to know their place.
it’s good to see he still has his core and brand new supporters are by his side tho!
after he was dragged,
this was what he had to reveal:

ya know what is crazy to me?

If I was to tweet that nonsense,
I’d be thrown under the entire bus.

he tweets that nonsense and he gets richer.
it must feel good to be the “light skin,
tatted up,
and droppin’ jailbird dick” trope.
if only the rest of us had fuck boi privilege.

lowkey: “pick me gays” panel coming soon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “fredo_llh shows us what light skin, muscular, tatted up, droppin’ jailbird dick privilege is like”

  1. How is it a privilege when you have the option to say yes or no? This is what I mean when I say straight and gay men are very similar. Both are similar with this “I can’t help myself” approach to sex. You have dominion over your penis! Dallas, Grandy, Fredo aren’t that cute to make cake off of gay men like that. Gay men just have low self esteem and are very narrow minded when it comes to straight men. How a person looks is DNA. They didn’t have a say just like black people had no say in being black, but many of you judge the content of someone’s character based on how they look and the prettiest people say and do the ugliest things. A lot you don’t mind cause your self esteem is in the gutter so the more these men tell you no, the more it turns you on. I refuse to let a dude I’m not banging eat off of me and drive better car than me cause I’m funding him for free.

    1. I think he was meaning Fredo has the privilege to commit transgressions and still be accepted because of his looks. Not just the homophobic statement, during pride month of all months, but domestic abuse. He was in jail & the gays couldn’t wait until he got out to throw money at him.

      But I’m like you in a way, I’m not bank rolling anybody I’m not banging. I do enjoy porn & do support actual gay or bi black & brown performers with a month subscription here & there. But I’ll never sub to str8s, they have enough “pick me’s” money. Plus anybody I subscribe to I want to see guys kissing, fucking, sucking and everything in-between. Jerk off videos are boring, tbh, once seen one of theirs, you’ve seen them all.

      1. Right, I need the whole hoopla. I need a long make-out session, fucking in more than 3 positions (inspire me), sucking more than just a little piece a dick, I need to see faces clearly, I need the actors to act and give me good show and I need both actors to be fine then just may consider purchasing the video. I don’t need to see a one, two in your car.

      2. Fair enough.

        Glad to see gay and/or bi men with sense. Sometimes it feels like a lot of gay men are delayed and lack critical thinking skills. High self esteem is such a valuable currency.

    2. Honestly I can’t believe it’s as lucrative as it is, even guys like Dwayne Mckell, dude has been doing the exact SAME thing for YEARS but somehow gay men keep paying?! I’m srry but once I’ve seen u jack off while winking your hole, I really don’t need to see it 500 more times for $10.99 a month, I get bored

    3. Correction, Some! Sorry but refusing to pay for porn you like because the actor isn’t banging you is supposed to be having high self esteem? If I am paying for porn its needs to be something I can rewatch multiple times and not get bored and watching a hot dude jack off is definitley not it but if it is for others that is fine and it doesn’t mean they have low self esteem.

      I will NEVER fund a dude, PERIOD! I don’t think it is high self esteem to fund a man because he is fucking you. Invest in yourself, get a good sex toy since we are in a pandemic and pay for the porn you like IF you need to pay (I like ameteur so the stuff I watch is free). Go about your day and stop being judgemental because you ain’t much better baby…

  2. Yawn another generic lightskin thot with scribbles all over his body 🥱Let’s switch it up in here jamari your taste is becoming stale.

  3. I honestly find him boring. Like I see he’s cute but cute and zero personality does nothing for me. Plus after I saw him do a jerk off video once that was enough.

    1. Imma say this: if it walks like a duck … it’s a duck!

      I’m too old for mental gymnastics. So, if you doing gay s#it for coin on camera, you do it in real life in the dark.

      Straight niggas don’t do suspect shit. He’s gay.

  4. I still refuse to believe these ppl are making ‘all this money’ off of onlyfans subs. Now, I can see thirst bag gays who end up gifting them and tipping them quite well (half thinking they have some sort of actual relationship w these men) but I refuse to believe that those who aren’t escorting on the side, especially considering the cut onlyfans takes, are just rolling in dough.

  5. I am floored! I would be kinda pissed wasn’t so funny. This man decided to check the gays to celebrate Pride Month? LMAO! You can’t make this shit up.

    He has a lot of nerve, and you can tell he doesn’t give a shit about vixens not only because he beat the shit out of his vixen with the daughter in her arms but because he doesn’t seem to understand that this comes with the territory of providing a sex work for men. While he gets the disfortune of finding ugly holes and weird fetishes in his DM, porn vixens have to deal with getting scary DMs and stalkers, straight jackals are a weird and dangerous bunch.

    Realistically, he could get a lot of money if he “flirted” back to the bootyhole pictures or provided custom videos of him jacking off to videos his fans send in, it’s possible to fake it. That would give the desperate foxes LIFE, and they would pay a pretty little coin for that. I can’t imagine gay onlyfan wolves could do this as successfully as a str8 ones. Part of the onlyfans job is to provide the fantasy, the vixens spend most of the day flirting back so he needs to start providing for his fans instead of giving free memberships because he stuck his foot in his mouth.

  6. This man is an actor in a gay web series. He can be quiet. You are in the community for money, so hush. Clearly you’re nothing special to the straights. Humble thyself.

  7. Fredó is Foine I ain’t gone Kap. Lol he must have ran into someone Messy…🥴😂 Jamari we need more to the story. Cause if I’m fuckin with a dude like this and he’s Actually into me y’all wouldn’t no shit about it. Ion know that’s just my take from that paragraph he wrote on Twitter.

    1. LMFAOOOOO Nah no capppp 😂😂😂😂 I was legit thinking the same thing when I read it. Giving me heavy Invisible Life 😂😂😂😂

  8. What is there to be offended by? That gay men, like everybody else, need to respect people’s boundaries? Is the offensive part that its pride month or that he has a past? I’m confused.

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