mike tyson left boosie speechless when he asked him why he was talkin’ shit about the gays

i’m starting to believe that many of the males i’ve been attracted to,
had issues with,
are/were beta.
they wore a really good “alpha” fur that fooled me and many others,
but their movement was very beta.
now there is nothing wrong with being beta,
but i’m heavily turned on by alpha wolves.
you know a true alpha male when you’re around one.
even alpha vixens have a way about them.
as you know,
had all this talk about gay folks in the past.

he had different energy when confronted about it by a very alpha mike tyson.
boosie appeared on mike tyson’s podcast,
“hot boxin”,

where he was left kinda…

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You Got Bugs All Up In Your Thing

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 11.57.13 AMthe ps4 has arrived.
x box one who?
all the baller (and non) wolves i know have went out and bought one.
( x two ) like in the above picture.
if ive learned anything from buying video game systems,
i’ll let all the test dummies cop it first.
i’ll let them stand in long lines and deal with the obnoxious.
let them complain about all the bugs they have encountered.
send their systems back to sony a few times.
you know the usual.
by the time i have a job (or career) god-willing,
i can afford the bug and issue free re-release.
my straight wolf friend,
who i will nick name soon,
just ordered his from amazon.
he gonna say:

“well you know you gonna have to wait til april or later next year right?”
“thats cool.
my money should be right by then and the price should be lower.”

everyone rushing out to by the ps4 and dunno what games they getting.
call of duty ghosts?
and that’s it?
like what?
im quite satisfied with the system i have until then.
still playing gta v.
no worries,
but enjoy boys.

let know how know you like it.