tyler perry said we got complaints but he got ratings and a loyal audience bihhhh

^this is 51.
he looks good tbh.
tyler perry is feeling himself and every last one of us will learn to deal.
every last one of us has had critiques about tyler’s productions.
i know i have.
he told “variety” that those who have opinions and complaints aren’t his audiences…

“When I hear that kind of stuff, I’m thinking, ‘Are y’all looking at the ratings? Do you understand that the audience is in love with this?’” he said. “Because if you’re complaining about my writing, you’re not the audience. My audience loves the way that it’s done and the way the stories are told. And from the beginning, it’s always been about being true to them.”

“And if I start writing for the critics, the only movie that I ever wrote that got some critical acclaim [2010’s ‘For Colored Girls’] didn’t do very well,” he said. “I know to speak to the audience — that is the business; that is the voice; those are the people that matter the most to me.”

so i like to play a game called “truth“.
i look for the truth and lies in situations for logical outcomes.


He has a huge audience that likes and appreciates his art.


His art is not for everyone and you’re not forced to watch it because he is black.


He has written, produced, and directed his work for HIS audience.
He knows their tastes and what they like due to the ratings on each of his shows.

i support tyler from afar.
you know i tried,
especially with HAHN,
but i can’t get with some of his productions.
that’s my truth.
nothing he said or admitted to was a lie tho.
all of what he said in the article was true.
at some point,
we have to stop expecting what we think would be good for him.
it ain’t broke so why fix it?
if it’s not for you,
don’t watch it.
he has come from nothing to something off of his audience.
by the ratings,
they really appreciate all that he does.

when it’s time for me to start working on my show,
i know i won’t be able to do it alone.
i’d like to hire a writing team,
hire (and put on) various directors,
and get help so i can execute my art perfectly for my audience.
i know that the foxhole isn’t for everyone,
but i do have a particular audience that appreciates my art.
that is my truth.

billionaire and studio owner” tyler perry don’t give a damn and ain’t changing.
as long as he doesn’t stop casting those fine ass wolves,
i say let him do his thing.

lowkey: i love he is starting to give us vulgar sex and nudity tho.

i’m glad he has expanded past the church service crowd.

read the full article: variety

21 thoughts on “tyler perry said we got complaints but he got ratings and a loyal audience bihhhh

  1. I will never watch his TV shows, but listen. He’s a genius.

    He can put in no effort, doesn’t even have to worry about connecting story lines or any of that shit, and his fans go crazy.

    If he can get a billion dollars without trying, why not? The Kardashians do it.

  2. I’m glad he’s as successful as he is but seeing how he responds to criticism is quite sad. It just shows me how sensitive & even insecure he is. Whatever, he’s still gonna get people lapping up his movies & shows like hungry bitches so nothing will change.

  3. I’m proud of him employing so many blacks in his field, but to be honest I feel lame watching Tyler Perry’s work. The writing is horrible. -To each his own. He has an audience that loves that type of entertainment

  4. Sadly, I think Tyler conflates being successful at a thing with actually being good at a thing. Two things can be true at the same time; you can be hugely successful in an industry in which you product is atrocious. The is the example of that. Tyler Perry the man is actually amazing. He donates millions of dollars, goes into supermarkets and buys everyones groceries, even gave $500 to every essential worker at his favorite restaurant. Tyler Perry the creator is awful. He’s a control freak that refuses to relinquish any creative control for the greater good of his art. He relentlessly peddles the broken down black woman stereotype and other tropes. He creates shows and movies centering black women with ZERO input from black female writers and panders to the lowest common denominator for viewership. He is on several writers unions “do not work for’ list do to his awful practices when he did hire writers. I respect his vision, but the product he puts out is absolutely awful. If you love high-scale production quality, sophisticated storylines and slick, fully-fleshed out characters, it is very hard to sit through a Tyler Perry product. I really wish someone would ask Tyler Perry want do you really want? To prove to yourself you could do all of this alone? To be a black billionaire? Because you can’t possibly love what it is you’re doing…because there is no love in what you’re doing.

  5. Tyler Perry is sensitive as f***k and he knows the criticism gets to him. I remember when he got that Boondocks episode snatched down because they exposed him.

  6. Jamari,

    Who is that spawled out on the bed above? Is that from a Tyler Perry production? What production is it from?
    In looking at the Variety article, I noticed the people in Tyler Perry’s orbit here: https://variety.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/tyler-perrys-orbit.jpg

    Among the persons is Trevante Rhodes who was in “Moonlight” and since I liked his performance there I had wondered what he had done since “Moonlight”. I also note that Trevante Rhodes and Kerry Rhodes (a frequent subject of your past posting and I had for those reasons had wondered what he was doing) are both listed as in the cast of “If Loving You Is Wrong”, a Tyler Perry production.

    Generally, I find Tyler Perry productions to be entertaining, although I am too busy to watch any of his cable television series. I have seen on video many of his stage plays and some of his movies. They are interesting and don’t require deep thinking, generally.
    Tyler Perry does have his audience and he’s not doing anyone any harm.
    May Tyler Perry live long and prosper.

  7. Someone pointed out to me once that his dialog is so repetitive and it’s only one liners back and forth until someone hits a speech and I have never be able to focus on anything else. Bruh was a prime example of that.

    1. Funny you should say that cuz on the Haves and Haves Not, the overly use line is, “Ok!” How many oks do we gotta hear in every episode?!

      1. It’s “are you sure” for me, how many times must this question be asked and answered before the person being asked says, “are you fucking deaf, I said I’m sure like 5 times already, dammit!!!!” I can’t with all the dragging and repetitiveness of it all

  8. He produces movies and TV shows that are entertaining and he puts a whole lot of folks to work. He’s okay by me.

    1. I’m all for that, however he doesn’t seem to take criticism well at all. #1s and awards do not equal quality. Even if you’re at the top of your game, you should still strive to improve in some areas.

      1. Tyler is looking well these days but I just can’t picture him with a woman lol. Anywhoo I guess if it works for him what he is doing keep doing it cause if I ever get an opportunity to work with him I’m there no matter how corny y’all think it is.

      2. That’s entertainment, bruh…critisism won’t hurt him as long as his audience and the pockets are happy.

  9. This is my experience with Tyler Perry.

    Me: “Tyler it would really benefit you to use more dynamic camera angles”

    Tyler: (Flashes fine ass man in my face)

    Me (Now Aroused): “Tyler, I think the actors could really use more clear direction”

    Tyler: Flashes another Fine ass man

    Me (Touching Myself): “Tyler it would really benefit the story if you focused on pacing”

    Tyler: Has all the men take off their shirts

    Me (On the verge of orgasm): You know what Tyler, you do you, the part of my brain that likes artistry and complex storytelling may not be stimulated…. but something else is….

    The reason he has so much money is because due to him not having to hire a team along with the low production values, A HUGE CHUNK of the money comes back to him. Honestly, as long as he pays the actors well (which I’m sure he does), I’m down for watching hot people do mundane shit.

    1. Facts. With him putting on all them hats not to mention using his own studio, the networks are paying him for his shows on his damn property. I think he HAS been held back from writing what he wants, but them damn BET+ shows. That’s like watching skin-emax all over again. I haven’t seen that much dick, ass, and fucking unless I was watching pornhub. Granted the acting sucks but he giving actors jobs that nobody else is giving them. Ruthless, not a fan of the acting but that storyline, got me hooked.

      Ruthless: A spin-off of his Scandal knockoff because it damn sure isn’t a parody. So pretty much the man wrote a story about a convict who pretty much is a drug pusher and user. Found a way to drug people into thinking they are healed when they are actually high. The men are straight but to be “pure” they can not have sex with their women. The women must have babies but they must be the drug pusher baby… in a sense. Here is how the drug works. So he has to “seed” “pure” men before they “transfer” his seed to her. Basically he either nuts in their ass or mouth and judging from two episodes, its the ass. His number one picks the guys that he thinks is pure. They get drugged and he fucks the dog shit outta them and they have to hold his nut to be pure. Here is the other part: once he nuts in them, they have to then use one of the new women and the seven chosen pure guys take turns transferring his seed into her. Seven men run a train on a woman and all seven must nut in her but the baby will become the man who nutted in them. If she doesn’t get pregnant by those seven men, she is exiled from the group.

      Tyler has went from showing shirtless body ody men to showing hard dick and ass on BET and it has increased BET+ subscriptions over actually watching BET. He has managed to get every black show that Viacom name is on and put it on the BET+ app. All his BET+ shows have shown hard dick on at least two episodes of a season. If any of the shows start with Nudity and Strong Sexual Content, that means a dick is being shown or somebody fucking. The first episode of Ruthless started with a xrated sex scene. Whoever said sex on tv is fake is lying or they upgraded after that. The way he was fucking and stroking, while he was completely naked, anybody with a dick knows if you stroke a hard dick the wrong way, its going to be trouble. Tyler just planted his freak flag on Jupiter and that bitch flying

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