aubrey o’day thought a nice cup of tea would keep us warm during the debates last night

trump looks like a turkey with that side profile.
so last night was the final debate between donald trump and joe biden.
biden had a sit down with kamala on how to drag.
trump pulled out his best narcissistic tricks to dominate the conversation.
“i’m the least racist person in this room”…
when trump said that,
i screamed.
all in all,
it was pretty good.
i learned nothing tbh,
but it was a moment in history to witness.
the biggest and best dragging went to the shape-shifting,
aubrey o’day.
she felt some kind of way during the debates and posted this…

with these other tweets:

ivanka would make a good power lesbian tbh.
her husband doens’t even look masculine to me.
can you see him fuckin’ her stupid?

and allegedly,
the miss universe that got banged on the apprentice table is dayana mendoza.
she was on the show the same time that aubrey was.


my response:

as you know,
or didn’t,
aubrey dated don jr and has been on their asses ever since.
i hope she spills more.
our cups need a refill.

the trump family has burned a ton of bridges in their rise.
i can believe they have burned bridges with each other.
i have no doubt don jr hates his father.
all his kids besides ivanka seem to.
tiffany being the lowest on the totem pole.aubrey o’day thought a nice cup of tea would keep us warm during the debates last night
they don’t come off like good people and one pay off away from turning on each other.
we know/knew people like this in our real lives.
they fucked with the wrong one(s) and…

everyone has to pay their debts eventually.
i feel like trump’s downfall will be all the debt he owes.
too bad for him,
The Universe won’t allow him to pre-pay his way out if it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “aubrey o’day thought a nice cup of tea would keep us warm during the debates last night”

  1. I just wanna know why Biden be missing layup after layup fr. How you not dogwalking this clown after saying he the least racist person in the room? The fuck prepped him for the debate the ghost of Ghandi or some shit? Bitch get dirty. Man I feel like any another candidate could’ve sliced and diced Trump easy. Biden just ain’t got it.

    1. ^thats my issue with biden.
      trump stays going after his kids,
      yet biden does nothing.
      so much material on trump’s kids.
      trump legit violates and biden again,
      does nothing.
      this is why i keep fonting that biden is weak.
      kamala would have been a better match up with trump.

      1. Weak af. He steady trying to run out the clock cause he thinks its a lock but the game will never work like that. Not with Trumps rabid ass stans. You gotta gutpunch a nigga one time and finish shit off. My thing is Trump is easy ass money and yet he playing rope a dope all night without the end flurry. I feel like Obama would’ve toyed with this fool in his sleep.

        1. Many of the things Trump said during the debate were of course lies, but also self drags, so maybe there was no need for Biden to respond to every single thing. If Trump says “I’m the least racist person in the room” that’s a self drag because 1) everyone knows he IS racist and 2) he’s saying that as he looks at the BLACK female moderator. I actually bust out laughing when he said that shit. Also the Abraham Lincoln bullshit 😂To be fair, Biden responded subsequently that Trump was one of the most racist presidents in American history.

          Side note – anyone else think that Trump must have a really small dick?

  2. Jared is Donald. All Ivanka did was marry a guy just like her father, entitled, privileged, and stupid with a big ego.

    Don Jr. hates his father, just like Donald hated his father. Just like Donald pretends to have loved his dad, Don pretends because really, what else he got going in his life?

    Who the hell would fuck Eric Trump? smh

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