so we can expect malik joseph with a mouth full of cheeks on grandy glaze?

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viewer discretion is strongly advised

love this match situation they got going on here.
onlyfans star,

malik joseph,
is determined to tag “malik wuz here” on all the popular attentionistos.
he has already dealt with tanksnlove,
lamont johnson,
the ones in secret,
and now grandy glaze.
the foxholers invited me to the sausage party for my morning breakfast today…


i’m being generous with the sausage links.
is malik gonna chomp on those big cheeks that grandy carries around?

you know he did the same to lamont.
does grandy even play basketball anymore?

i’m so confused with all of this.
grandy been in all the popular attentionistos comments on ig tho.
it was only a matter of time.
i kinda saw this for grandy tho.
even though he was mysterious,
he had secret snaps and had ( x no issue spreading the cheeks ) for your coins.
he knows he has a fat ass and knows ya’ll like it.
marketing genius?

i guess the good thing is it shows that black males,
regardless of sexuality,
can be comfortable and do sus shit with each other as white males can.
as a gay male,
malik is getting all the popular ig attentionistos to unapologetically align with him.

when will the rest?

lowkey: if grandy is giving out pipe,
i’d like a ride.
all that personality and energy might be amazing in bed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “so we can expect malik joseph with a mouth full of cheeks on grandy glaze?”

  1. Some thoughts:

    Grandy is not THAT attractive. He’s got a nice body, tattoos, and he happens to be light skin. And this is coming from me, a fellow litebrite.
    If you link up with Malik Joseph, I have serious questions about your decision making skills. He seems like he’s nothing but mess. Did ya’ll see that video of him getting into a fight at a club in Atlanta?? In a middle of a damn pandemic!!!!!!
    I’m not paying for your gay-adjacent videos. You need to be fucking/sucking on these OnlyFans videos, or leave it on the playground.
    4 These attentionistos are so lame. Give me a nigga who has a job and a small footprint on social media over these attention-whores anyday. For example, I’m currently lusting over a checker at my grocery store. His whole face brightens up when he sees I’m in his lane. Currently trying to figure out how to shoot my shot.

    Sorry if I sound like a hater, just thought I would share some of my feelings. But keep posting updates. While I won’t pay for their OnlyFans, I like reading about them.

    1. Rashad go for what you know with that checker! Life is short so slip your number, offer to go for lunch, coffee, drinks, or whatever just do it bro.

    2. I agree totally. Why lust after these guys when there are soooo many attractive men you can actually interact with. These social media age we live in is so weird. No one wants to really engage — just observe.

    1. That true I see a lot of theses so called str8 muscle dudes of all races are being curious about gay sex and turning them selves out they are getting tired of a woman pussy and trying men bussy which I’m so happy about

  2. I just clicked on this guy’s IG(Grandy) page and about 90% of the comments under this pic are negative.Most of the comments say it’s a bad move working with Malik,the rest are opposed to him doing stuff with a guy period.I wonder if he will lose( or gain) supporters,followers,fans from this?
    Interesting that they’re both wearing Gucci, one wearing a Gucci “top” and the other one a Gucci “bottom”. Coincidence😊.

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed when I opened IG after a social media hiatus and the first thing that popped up was a pic of him butt naked. At that point I knew his aspiring basketball career wasn’t it AND he was single.

    I remember before he deleted all his pics that he was dating a… I guess a plus sized white woman, I guess?

    Witnessing this is weird to me considering I’ve been following him for awhile. Not that I should have expectations, but damn, really?


  4. Y’all are making gay men not comfortable with the word “gay”, RICH!

    Gay men would rather see a dirty draws guy like Offset or Tyga get their butts rimmed by a girl than pay for actual good gay content

  5. I’m probably the only one who doesn’t care to see him or anyone eat ass. I’d rather see guys suck dick and if Malik & the other guy suck dick, then I’ll be interested. Otherwise, NEXT

  6. What my vixen friend say… “All these men gay until proven otherwise”. Sis may be right Lol. AND out of all the classy gay men out in the OF world, wtf are they running to Malik?!?! Somebody explain. I’m confusion!!

  7. I don’t even go for the light brights BUT it’s something about Grandy that draws me, I think it’s more so his PERSONALITY & the looks and the body are just pluses! HOWEVER I was disgusted when I seen the pic when him and Malik pop up on his Instagram I literally was like “Aww Shit” we follow each other on Instagram and I wrote him in his DM and told him to be careful when dealing with Malik.

  8. Grandy is not gay he in love with some girl that lives in Az I guess they can’t be together because they both live very different lifestyles

  9. Noel (Grandy Graze) went off on me when I told him I wasn’t interested in a man that does gay porn. As a straight woman, it’s just not attractive to me. He goes around Las Vegas clubs hitting on tons of women every night…I’ve seen him out quite frequently. But there’s plenty of public videos of him doing gay porn. My gay brother who I love suggested he get a new career since his penis is small lol

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