I Like My Wolf To Obey When I Say, “SIT”.

So last night,
I decided to f0x trot outside my den.
I had to find my wings one the hottest days of the year.

But lets talk for a minute about the Wolf  in the drop top…
who decided to pull up next to me as I waited to cross the street.
He acted like he was pulling over,
but he was staring at me the whole time.
He had a Fox in the passenger seat.
The Fox gave me the meanest eye roll,
the Wolf was smiling at me.

I bet I would have gotten your nigga’s number if you weren’t in the front seat brah.
Ran his pockets for your lunch money.

Watch yaself.


I decided to go support a friend at an event in the city.
It was suppose to be hosted by an B-list r&b singer,
but she decided to pull out an hour before she was suppose to go on.
Typical shit.
The event had a lot of industry (and wanna-be) folks.
A lot of:

“Yeah, I’m working with…”
“I’m signed to such and such person…”
“I’m about to blow the fuck up!”

(its like i don’t believe in anyone’s dreams anymore.
i’m around so many nightmares)

So after a lot of that foolery,
I look to my right and SHIT!….
a Wolf I have spoken about was standing right across from me.
His friend is a singer and was on the bill to perform.
How did I not know he was going to be there to support?
Or, did I?



This nigga’s body is so FUCKING serious.
His whole arm is pure meat.
He is a fantasy come to life.
He had on a American Flag wife beater and it was…

God Bless America!

One thing I noticed is he kept his head in his phone the whole time.
Couple exxoticals were standing by him and he gave no fucks about their lives.
A few females (and some slick Foxes) tried to mingle around him:

He only watched his boy perform and then they were out.
He comes off very shy.
I think he only has online courage,
but in person he is pretty introverted.
I found that EXTREMELY attractive.
Actually, I found that SEXY as shit.

I would like that in a Wolf,
to be perfectly fucking honest.
Again, I’m over attention whores.
Unlike these other posers in the room,
he kept to himself.

A Wolf who looks like that,

and worships me,
sits and doesn’t mingle with the rest of the animals…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Like My Wolf To Obey When I Say, “SIT”.”

  1. That would have made me even more curious about him. I can appreciate someone that can keep their head above the mayhem.

    His body is crazy though. I believe he’s a personal trainer or something. Maybe you should have asked him for his card, Jamari?

    1. ^I will not lie,
      I felt a little intimidated.
      I am sure all the Jackals and Hyenas in the room were trying to bold,
      so I would have been lost in the shuffle.
      They were talking about him backstage,
      so I didn’t want to be “the typical”.

        1. ^very true.
          Next time I see him,
          I’ll get his card.

          It’s not really my style to walk up to Wolves in those kind of environments,
          especially after what I observe,
          but I can make a rule to try next time.

      1. Why are you intimidated? The worst he can do is say hes not interested…or laugh at you…or just ignore you altogether.

        Rejection is funny when you think about it. Lol

  2. I figured he was fine in person. I like him and I don’t even know him personally.LOL. Guys that come as shy are always the best ones. It would be nice if he was a Hybrid or a Fox.

  3. He is very handsome, but Some how I don’t think he is shy or humble, He probably just wasn’t interested in anyone in there… and I was wondering if his “friend” that was performing is more than just a friend…

  4. He may be fine in person, but his pics don’t do anything for me. Something about his face turns me off. Body is sick of course, but his visage is just odd, not ugly or unattractive, just…odd.

    Consider this stolen: it’s like i don’t believe in anyone’s dreams anymore.
    i’m around so many nightmares

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