gays be fucked up. straights be fucked up. people be fucked up.

sooooooo we might have a conversation today because i’m about to font some real shit.
as much as the straights think they are so different from “gay shit”,
some of them aren’t any different from the gays in their ill-treatment of others.
when i saw how brandon anthony was treating chika in their public kerfuffle,
it was no different than how many straights act when their true feelings come out.
folks said his behavior was due to being a shady la gay but:

Is being a shady asshole really just a “people” thing?

i’ve heard how gross some straight blacks in la are especially in the industry.
anytime you have a ton of people looking for popularity and to be “the star“,
no one really wins except the underdogs.
no cap…

The black gay community and the black straight community are one and the same.

 both communities carry the same shit to different toilets tbh.
i’ll break down the two:

The Black Gay Community

if you don’t have muscles,
straight acting,
(maybe light-skinned),
a potential onlyfans,
being extremely mixxy,
and don’t have strategically edited pics & videos,

you may not be taken seriously.

The Black Straight Community

If you don’t have connections,
have a big social media following,
the look (involving being light-skinned),
a noticeable career to flex off,
being extremely mixxy,
and don’t have strategically edited pics & videos,

you may not be taken seriously either.

both communities can fall victim to the superficial aspects of life and people.
i’m sure that chika has been hated on by the black straights too.
she is extremely talented but doesn’t have “the look” to push her like a doja cat.
chika is overweight and dark-skinned.
her music is reflective and not on the “turn up“.
she isn’t talking about how good you can fuck her while laying naked in a tub of diamonds.
there is no twerk in her hustle and no “bad bitch 101” in her lyrics.

Straight black males don’t want to fuck her
Straight black vixens don’t want to be her
Black gays can’t fantasize about being worshipped by other males by being her















….i mean am i lying?
you already know how both communities are when it comes to that.
on the flip side,
if brandon was overweight,
and unattractive,
he would mos def be outta here.

Some gays will turn the other cheek to his behavior because they want to fuck him.

again: am i lying?

with some black gays,
if they can’t fuck you then forget it.
in both communities,
it’s all about what someone can do for you whether it’s financially,
or sexually.

“If I can’t smash,
get put on,
or become popular by association,
then what’s the point?” – someone reading has said.

i’ve moved in both communities and i’ve seen how it all works.
never think that the straights aren’t as vicious as the gays.
the shit i’ve seen and witnessed with the straight mixxies who were top-tier popular?
one minute folks be cool,
attending every ribbon cutting,
and all over their social media together.
the next week/month,
they’ve turned on each other and spilling all their business to their audience.
if they shared a dick,
his business is out there too.
the gay mixxy scene is not that different either.
you’ll find out folk’s sexual health status and body count during a spat.
why randoms know this “hipaa law” information always puzzles me.

so all this shit can be “people” issues and i’ll be 100 wit cha:

no matter their sexuality,
be fucked up.

don’t take it personally and be smart about how you move in these forests.

lowkey: i love it when both communities think some of the white folks be any better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “gays be fucked up. straights be fucked up. people be fucked up.”

  1. I agry with you
    I argued with a straght friend of mine on this topic.
    He thinks gays are messy and always horny, and not fitted for relationship.
    I told him that for both (straight and gays,) I usually heard the same kind of stories.

    But, I want to react on something you said, about people being driven by selfish interests

    We, as human have limited amount of time and energy to give.
    I think that we should be careful on people we chose to give our energy.

  2. It’s just funny to me because the description of straight community etiquette reminds me more of gays than your gay write up … the career thing with connections at least in major areas bc gays move here to social climb

    I think gays want a polarizing boyfriend

    Either south Sudanese dark with muscles to top them

    Or a docile light skinned “pretty boy” bottom

    Light skinned men can express femininity just not brown or dark men

    And it’s crazy cuz guys want a man with money to take care of them but who gonna take care of the sponsor? U 29 working at F21 trying to hook a stock trader? The delusions are endless

    And then they screw everyone to have a shot at more clout to ascend the rungs of society

    I want them to sit back and ask is this career sustainable? Is the onlyfans business model going to afford u the finances to cover your health insurance, life insurance, housing, food, apartment (let’s not forget many of them live at home)

    It’s just exhausting trying to even date bc people are so shallow

    And the ones who think they’re deep aren’t it’s just a facade of wokeness they more than likely used to be in the scene and got burned out too

  3. Listen here Fox, yoy not gonna come dor my city like this lol 👿 But for real too many people focus so much on all these differences like race and sexuality that they fail to realize that most of the traits that they have or see isn’t even close to being unique to their group. Across most of social media you will find people who are shady and superficial. They may call it by a different name but there isn’t one group who has staked a claim on it.

  4. I don’t have anything to say, Jamari. You said everything that needed to be said…

  5. Meh. People who bitch about how Chika is treated don’t care about her either. She’s merely a pawn being used to grind an ax and come off overly righteous.

  6. No lies detected. At all. None of this social media really translates into anything meaningful. Walk into a room of real movers and shakers and see if being an influencer means anything.

    Having a legitimate field you dominate in, is key. And people always remember how you made them feel. This is why divas/nasty people always get humbled.

    1. ^ive seen so many get humbled.

      this is why i believe in being kind to everyone i meet.
      the ones who act like movie stars off some likes on IG tend to fall off heavy.
      i like the lane i’m in and the folks that support me.

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