you f’d with chika and amiyah scott, you’re pretty much a done deal.

so before i start,
i want to say that i fux with chika real heavy.
her music has shown what a tremendous talent she is within the LGBT community.


during the weekend,
she got into it with brandon anthony:

…who has done some acting,
but promotes parties within the LGBT community as well.
brandon didn’t give chika the same promo or pay to host a la black pride event.
you can catch up ——> ( x here ).
i had some thoughts about the whole situation…

i’m shocked with how i saw brandon responding in those dms and twitter.
i thought he was cute af,
but he lowkey turned me off with his behavior.
it was typical messy gay male shit that i cannot deal with.
he asked her to be on the ticket,
but shading her once he could reveal his true feelings.
shading her career,
her weight,
and wanting to fight her?
absolutely vile.
it went as far as them wanting to fight each other.
 he allegedly attacked amiyah scott during the same weekend too:

he fucked up with amiyah because i’ve heard nothing but good things about her.
chika recorded the phone conversation with brandon:


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chika is intelligent af.
i like her.

The beef has Brandon looking like the real villain.

even if kehlani is the bigger draw,
chika still deserved to be treated with respect as a guest.
chika is a grammy nominated artist out here.
i had to wonder if there were contracts and expectations involved before she agreed to do this?

you think draya is hosting ANYTHING without a list of demands first?

Do you think Jamari Fox will be hosting anything without my agents reading over a contract?

brandon is looking like a whole lotta canceled out here tho.
i don’t understand why he chose violence and fucked up his reputation in 2021.
folks will side with chika and amiyah over him due to the facts being presented.
he didn’t help at all by being an asshole.
i understand how chika feels because it’s tough out here for gay black folks of color,
but i do think this should have been handled much differently.
i think it was a wash due to the nonsense brandon was bringing from his end.
i hope chika and amiyah can move forward.

lowkey: one of my foxholers sent me this…

its very one-sided out here.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

45 thoughts on “you f’d with chika and amiyah scott, you’re pretty much a done deal.”

  1. Actually, I don’t think he’s cancelled at all.

    All the people up in arms about Lil Nas X and supporting LBGT talent are really quiet right now.

    Y’all do know she is apart of the community right? Or is she invisible because she’s fat, dark skinned, and doesn’t wear a 40in lace front?

    I thought Amiyah Scott had better standing in the community as well but not many have voiced outrage at her treatment either. If that was a straight man that was accused of hitting her, gay men would be lining up with read about how they ain’t shit and are the weakest link and “protect trans women”.

    I think Brandon is more representative of gay black men than most care to admit, especially a Los Angeles gay. Shady, colorist, fatphobic, and a misogynist.

    1. ^ what i find really interesting is like the typical shady gay jackals,
      he said all that disgusting shit and when he realized he was wrong,
      he couldn’t even justify the hurtful things he said to chika.
      he knew he fucked up because he wasn’t dealing with some dumbass.
      i’m glad she dragged TF outta him.

      he was really nasty and using his accolades to make his nasty behavior better.

    2. Brandon’s masculine presenting & attractive most of the gays would never cancel him. If its one thing most gays love its a non gay acting gay.

      Im also disappointed in how amiyah’s story didn’t pick up more stem in black gay Twitter & cause a larger dragging.

    3. Thank u all of this !!!

      This is why I don’t go to pride

      I’ve had abs I’ve been thick I’ve been thin and this community, unless they fucking u, doesn’t give a fuck about you . It’s all about promoting faux “sex positivity” so people can have more sex. That’s all. It’s not about advocating for peoples rights or having a message. It’s become let’s hook up for onlyfans pride weekend since everyone is in town . Mlk weekend, too

      This is one of the reasons I don’t believe gays truly support lil nas x they want to USE him to make being openly gay in entertainment mainstream but he’s anti everything favored in the community

      He dresses androgynous and he’s dark skinned with African features

      If he weren’t famous they wouldn’t pay any attention

      Brandon is like many gay men

    4. I haven’t heard of Chika before this post and certainly won’t be supporting anything the psychotic violent host does. The part that chilled me was Amiyah saying “What if I was alone?”

      What’s terrible is Chika and Amiyah protecting him. This reminds me of Megan not saying anything initially about the Tory Lanes shooting. I hope Amiyah presses charges. Why did he break into her room? That’s TERRIFYING.

      I don’t see what Lil Nas X has to do with this. This story hasn’t hit the mainstream and I doubt it will. Just say you don’t care for him and go. Whoever is in that screenshot needs some sage and a deep soul cleansing to be bringing him up.

  2. It’s like why even book her for the event (that she did as a favor btw) if she’s a “nobody and no one knows her songs”?

    This is why I find the gay community’s faux outrage with the straights to be performative. Y’all do the same shit in your community. Rules for THE and not for ME.

    1. ^its very eye opening tbh.

      remember a lot of gay males are running from an
      place of generational curses and trauma.
      some don’t seek therapy so they operate off a place of hurt.
      for the life of me,
      i thought it was so strange that he would say she is a nobody but still invited her.
      he would have fared better if he politely sent her a message and allowed her to express her feelings.
      he went straight to “shady gay male” and look at the outcome.

      1. This is exactly what I say

        Everyone is so woke on twitter but full of shit in real life

        I’m gonna be honest when I was 19-20 I was experimenting with my look I wore short shorts doc martens and makeup

        The same mf I was talking to and shunned my look for being fem is now walking around painted nails and women’s shoes

        And I did this shit 10 years ago found out it wasn’t for me and now they call me being internally homophobic for calling out the double standards ! But it’s true facts that people ONLY want inclusion at someone else’s expense

        If chika would’ve called Brandon an f word we would’ve never heard the end of it but Brandon will keep his followers and probably gain more in the next few weeks all he has to do is post a nude
        And that’s the issue within this community

        1. The same mf I was talking to and shunned my look for being fem is now walking around painted nails and women’s shoes

          Ding ding ding! Never let anybody come for you. They project their insecurities because they’re upset that they’re not at the level of comfortable you are.

  3. I’m really fucking disappointed in Brandon with this situation. I can’t believe he really sat there & told the person that was the face of the event nobody came to see her & thought that shit plus what he did the night of wasn’t going to feel like you spit in her face.

    The fact that they haven’t refunded her first of all makes me not want to have any dealings with la black pride.

    I’m still learning about all this I remember liking Brandon’s pictures pre the night of.

    That Amiyah Scott situation is heartbreaking especially him saying she hit the bag too hard implying that she was on coke heavy. After you followed her to her room and hit her?

    Im glad to see him being dragged on Twitter & ig its deserved fully deserved.

      1. I honestly really liked him as a person until this.

        I saw he’s on Twitter fat shaming her on her tweets which is making this situation a lot worse also she retweeted that he shared a video of somebody being jumped in 2018. Its looking real bad for him.

      2. I remember visiting L.A decades ago and I picked up on the racial hierarchy black folk have to operate in it is a sad sad place to be in if you are blackity black soul crushing is how I would describe it, and the more you break it down the worst that demographic gets it in turn they turn that hurt onto each other it seemed like the black gays were allergic to each other in L.A but Brandon’s type doesn’t surprise me he is the typical L.A vapid, and fake.

        1. Honestly three L.A. black gays so far have shown its not great out there. I used to believe it wasn’t this bad but the more black gays I see from there The less inclined I am to visit.

          I saw chasing la and that was a mess from start to finish w/ the homophobia, transphobia and etc.

        2. Los Angeles is the equivalent of conversion therapy if you’re not from there.

          Vapid and shallow to the extreme and all the “isms” go unchecked. Like do they relegate all the dark skinned people to one area or what?

  4. Yeahhhhh I’m not feeling her recording they’re conversation. That’s some weak situation imo. Ppl turn up the drama when they know theres an audience or being recorded. How you asking him questions but cut him off and say you don’t give a fuck? 😐 Brandon did say some outta pocket stuff but I doubt he’ll be canceled.

    1. Weak? It wasn’t him wanting to fight a woman for you, huh?

      It’s the overlooking that he was disrespecting someone he booked as a headliner and attacking another guest for me.

      1. Like I said, imo, it was a weak move 🤷🏾‍♂️ and I never said what Brandon said or did was right. Did he really fight a woman? Was Amiyah really doing coke in the bathroom?

        Didn’t Chika tell Brandon to drop his location? Ok… 🥴

        1. That was my thought too. Also, the ageist comments and elitism about her education, didn’t paint her in a positive light either.

          I was just thinking, if you are operating from a POV of making amends and coming to terms, they both handled the discussion poorly. And if one or both didn’t actually want to resolve the conflict, they should’ve just said no thank you. I’ve seen and heard enough and want no parts.

          Especially if they are about to get litigious, cuz that’s what your lawyers are for, if you can’t arbitrate civilly.

  5. I clicked on the link and he deleted the tweets. He is mentally screwed and that is all I had to say.

    1. Beyond mentally screwed. He’s in LA so that tells me ALL I need to know. He clearly parTies and plays to be acting so unhinged. He was being beyond unprofessional trying to shade her…after booking her. WHO DOES THAT?

      1. He is getting by because of his looks. He is wrong for everything he did and it will not go well with him.

  6. This is why soo many guys are always saying ‘this is why I don’t fuk w the gays’. A bunch of damaged, hurt ppl spewing the same treatment onto others. Something has to change. The lack of support from a group of ppl who want and need it, is extremely unfortunate. There is 0 reason for there to still be sooo few examples of gay men being decent ppl, instead of ‘shading’ each other left and right.

    1. No Jason. Don’t explain him away as damaged and hurt. The fact that he wants to fight a WOMAN and attacked a WELL KNOWN transwoman tells me he has deep-rooted mental issues. He is a malignant narcissist who is a danger to others and should be behind bars.

      And Jamari, don’t you DARE do an interview “hearing his side”.

      1. I was speaking about gay men in general. There are a lot of damaged gay men treating each other the way society has made them feel. I was removed from a fb group planning a reunion for my neighborhood back in my hometown, because I said if this older teen who bullied me as a kid was there, there would be violence on sight! I know not to treat others like that, because of how he treated me, but for him, it’s curtains. I have enough home training not to go mess up those ppls event, and had no issues w removing myself, but I bet not run into that man at the damn Walmart! Lol. Meanwhile, too many gay spaces are full of men entering the room ready to ‘read’ and ‘shade’ ppl who haven’t even affected them.

        1. ^ “Meanwhile, too many gay spaces are full of men entering the room ready to ‘read’ and ‘shade’ ppl who haven’t even affected them.”

          …and then when the gay space says fuck this,
          everyone wants to be upset and say there is no representation and a place for “us”.
          people be dumb.

          way too much of cutting noses off to spite faces for me.

          1. No lies told. Hell, blk ppl are still trying to figure out how to get along, I guess we should have lowered expectations of the gays. Smh…

  7. Yeah this whole thing is crazy.
    I really am glad she read his ass though and yeah he did deserve to be cut off, she could see right through his bullshit.

    From him calling her by her name to try to gain her sympathy to all the other shit. He’s only apologetic cuz he’s being dragged.

    She’s right, he thought because she’s plus size and dark skin no one would care.

    He’s the typical pretentious gay; my God for those defending him did you read what he wrote on his Twitter?
    You woulda thought he was talking about an animal not a human being. He was disgustingly mean to her, how does he live with himself?

    He’s another messy queen who thinks because of his looks and connects he’s entitled to shit on others. But truth is LÀ pride will no longer associate themselves with him and other sponsors won’t either so yeah that is getting cancelled.

    As far as the Amiyah situation I was a little confused…
    They came in together and the hotel room was his so I’m not sure what happened there but sounds like it’s a lot personal. If he put his hands on her then he’s a bitch! She’s always sweet and kind.

    I’m very specific with the gay men I associate with and I can smell messy queens from a mile away!

    1. ^im so glad that the foxholers aren’t with the typical shady gay mess the rest love so much.
      it shows a lot about ya’ll characters!

      please keep it up because we have to be the change.

  8. Business wise, that says alot about the way you do business. You don’t promote someone on the flyer and don’t promote their brand for your event. Bad business. Whether people came to see her or not, she is still on the flyer, so you promote her music especially since she did the event for free. That’s the least you can do. I think she was more concerned about her music not being played then the drinks because clearly she had it. It was a situation where either I pay for my tab or you play my music. That’s a business decision Brandon neglected on both ends. He failed to acknowledge the artist and their brand and failed to acknowledge her as a host by comping the drinks. To go on social media and say “grow up, ain’t nobody checking for you”, that’s not how you treat anybody that has done an event for you. He clearly said “fuck you” with his response. She recorded it because he was going on social media dragging her and turn around and try to save fave when someone else got involved. Regardless who you are, as a promoter, you can get flagged for promoting events with clients because you are in a sense representing them. He kept telling Chika that he has done a lot of promotion for LA Pride and didn’t treat them that way. That doesn’t matter because you treated me a certain way is what she is telling him. She made one statement that you forgot the host. She never mentioned a name. He started dragging her. So to record the conversation shows he really didn’t mean that apology. He only did it to keep promoting their events. If that’s how you treat an artist doing you a favor, I don’t think I want to work with that person. That’s just me. Some of you think he is not canceled, you don’t have to get canceled to do less gigs. The only thing he can do is have another event and play her music comp her drinks and just have an event for just her. That would be the best way to handle a wrong when you are a promoter, I’m just saying.

  9. Amiyah, yeah, that’s going way beyond to show up where 9-1-1 is called. If that was Tyra Banks, that shit would be all over the internet right now. There would definitely be some type of law enforcement getting involved to investigate. Non-binary women have rights just like cisgender women do.

  10. That’s not looking real good for Brandon right now. Two incidents where he literally attacked women doing events for him. Crazy thing is, where is the #metoomovement at for this.

  11. What I stated on Chika video and stand by:

    I don’t condone what he did via social media and I think he was utterly wrong but I’m also confused at this recording. I guess I’m hearing something different from what everyone is hearing. I heard this man try to apologize and was calm in doing so. In no way am I Diminishing how Chika felt at all but she was also aggressively not trying to hear the apology as she stated she only got on the call for entertainment. I am guessing the call was set up for the apology so being able to hear as well as trying to effectively understand a persons apology means a lot. Not everyone understands how to effectively apologize to any particular person not only that everyone is different in what they’re are looking to hear when it comes to an apology. What I did hear was him ask how would you like for me to apologize because he didn’t know how to do so in the way she would have liked it. Again I get she feels how she feel and has every right for the disrespect he gave her but telling someone not to state your name because you feel as though he’s being condescending or your mothers name when you introduced that factor into the story meanwhile calling him champ in a condescending way is very contradictory. What I heard was both parties hurt and looking to hurt the other. Brandon may have hurt his career and inadvertently brought more attention to chika (as her story should be heard) but I honestly feel if you get on an apology call, you have to walk into the situation with the mentality that your open enough to receive the apology in the best form the other may be able to present it.

    1. ^ oh hi law.
      it’s nice of you to pay me a visit 😉

      i can see your point and i will say they could have kept this call private.
      i mean he legit disrespected her in those dms too.

      1. What it do. I always read your post just rarely comment.

        I def understand him being in the DM, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he was right in his actions but what I am saying is that this call was over the top. You can’t tell someone to apologize and not like how they apologize once you get it. You may not agree with the apology and no apologies asked for can very well be looked at as genuine but once you do get it you can’t tell them that they’re version of the apology is fake. Ask not if your heart ain’t willing to receive.

        1. thank you for always checking me out.
          that means a lot coming from you.

          i can see that.
          she was really aggressive and it seems coming from a very hurt place.
          he was trying to be decent human being in that moment lol

          1. They both was hurt

            (Like Jussie said or is he still canceled 😳) HIRT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE

          2. I guess because he’s apart of the brand he felt some type of way and he takes pride in that. Let’s keep it 100, in hindsight most guys won’t even admit to telling someone they was just let alone apologize after going in so hard as he did. He apologize under the impression that it was just him and her on the call (not knowing he was being recorded for clout/vindication) he didn’t have to stay on as long as he did incurring her wrath. He stayed on and allowed her to go ham and never raining His voice above a level 2 octave. That in itself tells me the man understood his actions and was more than liking remorseful in some way.

    2. To add to it, this wasn’t a clap back. What I heard on that call was toxic. Hurt people hurt people. At this point (To me) she made herself look bad and in my eyes diminished herself trying to entertain an audience by trying to be as extra as possible because she was on camera. She showed up showed out just to get back at him by trying to Son him and yet was the only person shouting on the call.

      1. ^but think about how she felt when he was trying to son her in their dms.
        he legit spoke about her weight and diminished her career.
        not only that,
        he allegedly put hands on someone.

        at that point,
        he showed who he was.

        1. I’m not speaking at all to that.I do not condone his actions at all but my point is and will stand, if you get on the call with me and the expectation is to come to some conclusion resolution but your not genuine from the start in wanting to receive the apology, let’s not waste each other time and pick back up on social media going back and forth disrespecting each other.

          1. ^but see i think it’s the all the energy,
            ya know?
            you don’t seem like the type that would even let something get to that point.
            i wouldn’t hit below the belt like that.

            maybe it’s showing their characters in conflict?

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