So Now You Check Up On Me (Oh The Response)

design-dosage-airmail-envelopes0021so before i wrote those two entries,
i replied to ( x my old boss’s email ) from yesterday.
with my gospel radio on itunes on a mellow volume,
i wanted to be in the right frame of mind.
this is what i wrote…

“hello _________

things are well.
i haven’t heard from you in a while,
but things on my end are okay.
due to a very tough year,
which included losing my best friend,
i’m still looking for a job.
i haven’t found anything yet,
but i still hold on to god and the faith i will find something soon.
i hope things are well on your end.


after i conditioned my hair and smeared my face mask on,
don’t judge me,
i got a reply.
it read:

“im so sorry for your loss.
i remember you always speaking highly of him.
you are a strong guy and i know you will be fine.
i will talk with you soon.”

…so that’s it?bball2_2_gif3whatever.
maybe because i’m moody AF,
i’m not feeling the response.
i dunno.
am i wrong for feeling so?either way i’m about to take an epson salts bath.
i need to unwind in a hot bath.

11 thoughts on “So Now You Check Up On Me (Oh The Response)

  1. Hi Jamari,
    Older guy here, never posted but I enjoy your site daily. I feel you responded properly. However, sometimes reactions aren’t what we expect, and most times our blessings don’t flow from the expected source. So release that act as a seed sown, knowing that your blessing is not hindered or granted from a particular vessel. God has many avenues and one hater or prying person can’t block what is for you. You acted professionally, keep your head up.

    1. ^thank you ab!
      what you said really meant a lot.
      i appreciate you checking me out as well.
      i think what made me upset is i spent all these years working for this man and that’s all he could tell me?
      I’m ignoring him from now on.

  2. I told you don’t respond back and now look what happen, you’re pissed. And you shouldn’t have give him too informations that was a mistake, you should have wrote “Oh hi, how are you? How are things with you” and then that it. No less, no more. I talk to jerks like him that all of a sudden write to you and only say “LOL” etc. and then you think to yourself why this bitch is bothering me for when he has nothing to say.

    1. If this make you feel better. I condition my hair with some hot oil treatment and Noxzema for my face today, so you’re not judge by me.

      1. If you can put a plastic bag or shower cap on it helps the conditioner soak into hair follicles.Also use blowdryer or hair dryer for a few minutes
        No judgement 🙂

      2. My stylist claims the heat causes the hair shaft to swell so the conditioner can get inside, deeper conditioning.

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