I’ll Take Both Romeos To Go.

So this is Romeo….

and has A Body That Needs To B Fucked
over and over again…

one of my Foxes sent me a dude to the Fox Brothel who sort of reminded me of him.
Do I need to get my eyes checked?

Shit, either way:

10 thoughts on “I’ll Take Both Romeos To Go.

  1. Damn Romeo look so good mmm. Dude on bottom cute but looks like a fox we can be friends

  2. JAY :
    Who’s “dark chocolate” in the first pic with Romeo though? His mean mug is kinda sexy…lol

    You see it for “dark chocolate” in the first picture? You don’t see that terrible walk and that sloppy body? That ain’t nobody’s sexy.

    Romeo is still fine. The butch queen with the dreads is nice to look at but wouldn’t get more than a glance from me.

      1. Yeah, that’s easy. The body you can tell through his shirt and the way his clothes fit. In terms of his walk, you see the placement of “dark chocolate’s” hips in his relation his knees? How his thighs are close together? Now look at Romeo. Its important to note that they’re BOTH taking a step in the photo. Big difference between the two.

  3. Give me a blunt, some patron shots, and some rubbers and I’d fuck both of them…at the same time.

    Romeo has no ass but his face is cute enough and he has a body. I’d pull the other dudes dreads while I’m hittin it from the back too.

    Who’s “dark chocolate” in the first pic with Romeo though? His mean mug is kinda sexy…lol

  4. LMAO at Romeo tynna scratch that itch on the sneak…Weve all done it…That and pullin out wedgies without ur hands.lol Yanno you drop it low real quick to that imaginary music.ha…Ironically I usta follow the second dude on twitter. It usta piss me off that his privates were always covered in his pics.lmao Fu#kin tease 🙂 I forget what it was, but he said sumthin on twitter that made me hit that unfollow button…Oh well. He’s cute nonetheless…

  5. Same here sam. Nice to look at but nothing more. Now the other dude with the dreads hmmm….there’s potential. I wouldn’t mind takin a ride with him for the night.

  6. I suspect I’m in the minority, but I don’t think Romeo is all that. Nice body, yes. Reasonably attractive face. But he does nothing for me. And he has no ass!!!

    1. Yes, nan assatall! You gots to have a lil something. Both have nice bodies, and the 2nd dude (who looks barely legal), looks a little too cocky for his good; though I know he gets down. I’m just afraid that Chris Hansen will come out after me…

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