Lil Nicki Responds…

So if this BS was a lie…

what are we talking about????????????????

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Lil Nicki Responds…”

  1. I know thats right, Shea. I just hope this aint no Ike and Tina situation for real. Domestic abuse aint funny for no one.

  2. I kinda figured it was all made up or super extra cause nicki is a G herself and she coulda handled it

    1. Yea but no matter how much of a G she may be, a man has man strength. It reminds me of when Lalah Ali was asked if she would box men. She was standing with Floyd Mayweather. She responded…Look at us, I’m bigger than him, but at the end of the day he’s a man and can hit much harder than me…She said something like Reading the report it says she was struck by the suitcase not by his hand. All seems like a missunderstanding that went awray. Sometimes the cops can be more harmful than helpful o_O

      1. True, it coulda been somthin very small that got blown out of porportion by tmz and media takeout

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