The GAY-est Ass of them All

… well Tyson Gay that is.
Do not let the last name fool you…

Foxes and Wolves, is this too much tail?





Watch him turn out to be a Wolf.

If I had an tail like that,
I’d always have a baller swiping his credit card down my cheeks before we went out.
You think this Fox wouldn’t!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “The GAY-est Ass of them All”

  1. Dayum, I didn’t know Tyson had an azz like that!!! Make a bamma wanna just live in it & sh*t… I…I think I’m gonna cry, it’s so beautiful

    How can he run so fast carrying all that?

  2. That’s why he’s in track. I imagine lycra shorts the ONLY kind of pants that look ok on him. Way too much ass in my opinion. Could you imagine how hard it would be to look normal in a pair of jeans? Looks like you’d have to buy applebottoms. Seriously! Just like the 10″+ section of the meat department, its nice to look at. That is all. Lol.

    1. i was thinking the exact same thing fox! amazing body to have hang out with u naked…but once he has to put normal clothes on…no mas!

    1. Nope…no more so than all dicks feel the same. A good one will fit like a heated glove & massage you…mmmm lol

  3. Waaaaayyy too big. Could you imagine? I’d hate my side reflection in the mirror if i looked like that. Jeans definitely wouldn’t fit right and I’d probably wear sweats all of the time. And its not like it’s fat, it’s all muscle so getting it to go away would mean… what? No longer running? The idea of a fat-ass is fine. Actually having one that big is probably more of a curse. I’m with FoxAndTheCity… nice to look at. That is all.

  4. I agree ts is nice to look at but would not want some that big latched on too my back. . . .LMAO maybe if he laughs hard enough his will too?

  5. WOW!
    The women I know would not take him seriously with that wagon he’s dragging. I couldn’t have an ass like that because it comes with hips.

    I want to sleep on it though. That ass looks like the most comfortable pillow in the world! lol

  6. I can’t watch the vids on my phone, however I think those photos are altered…I could be wrong…I follow dude on twitter…Hes had pics similar to the ones posted above as his default pic…And the cakes weren’t that large…I don’t think…He has a nice plump ass,,,,I just dnt think it’s that big…On the flip side he seems like a nice guy…Idiots hit him up all day making jokes about how big his ass is and he retweets and jokes with them. Good for him for not getting offended or anything…

    1. I mean he does have a phattie, how mad can you get? Lol

      I think some of those might be the angle, but it looks like he has a ghetto booty…him & Larry Fitzgerald (*drool*). That has to be genetics, though, cuz all runners aren’t that phat…

  7. I think it looks great and it works for Tyson BECAUSE he’s a track star. This is why I started watching track and why Tyson remains my favorite. And he’s rich enough to afford custom-made clothing. I have personally seen Tyson off-the-track and you couldnt tell that he has an ass like that. He conceals it pretty well.

    Tyson’s ass is the stuff of legend. I follow him on Twitter and people are always making inappropriate comments to him about it and he takes it all in stride. I personally don’t think he had too mich ass (some of the pics on the web including ones posted here are photoshopped; Gay has said as much on Twitter). But then again, I’m a wolf. lol

    For another epic ass, check out the white boy who had a beef with Shani Davis during the last winter olympics. He has a donk, too.

  8. I wouldn’t mind a little extra meat in the back. Then I wouldn’t be as self conscience to show the wolves the cakes.

    1. Um yea you’d give a dude like me a panic attack if you stripped down and revealed an ass like Tyson’s. lol

      1. so Jay you couldn’t handle cakes like tyson’s? Not the one in the pics but the ones in the video specifically when he’s wearin blue. That’s what I’m strivin for on the stairmaster.

  9. I know that Ive been hitting the track something crazy since Ive seen the donks posted on IJF. Steppin my game up and sexin my frame. Haha!

    1. Rock: If you know of an ass-specific exercise routine, let a brotha know. My quads are on fire but trying to bring up the rear. Going for a “high and tight” look. 😉

      1. Sho nuff. Well right now its running. I already got thick thighs and a nice little juicy booty. I want track star thighs though. So I’m toning up by running, pilates, and stretching. But as far as advancing the wagon…baby steps on these parts.

  10. So when he is running track, he gives a new meaning to the idiom, “HAULING ASS”. The lyrics to 2 Live Crew’s “Too Much Booty in the Pants” rings in my head right about now. #DAYUM

  11. ^^^Speaking of Larry…Someone just tweeted Tyson a comparison photo of his behind vs Larrys…His response was-Yall crazy……

  12. He is a very sweet guy with a beautiful personality and overly shy and humble. He is totally unlike 100 meter sprinters. He does not have a Diva bone in his body.

  13. I HATE when people photoshop his pics like his ass isn’t big enough on its own.

    All of those pictures in this post are photoshopped. I have all of the originals and then some.

    Tyson Gay has my favorite ass in sports. And he knows how big it is too, girls are hounding all the time on twitter.

  14. Those are all photoshopped. He has a big butt, but not that big. It’s so stupid to me that someone took the time to do that to a man who already had a big butt. Why exaggerate it? It might as well be anyone if someone’s going to photoshop it.

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